As the incumbent county council member in District 2 in Howard County, I want to inform the residents of Ellicott City that the Democratic county council and county executive Elizabeth Bobo have been in the forefront supporting, as a priority, the construction of Route 100 and the interchange at Route 29 since we took office in 1986.

My opponent, Darrel Drown, in his letter of Sept. 20, implies otherwise. He says fresh ideas are needed. They certainly are not present in his letter.

Action is what is needed and action is what Ellicott City residents are getting when it comes to supporting the construction and completion of Route 100. In addition, Maryland state Sen. Edward J. Kasemeyer (D) and I have requested a continual monitoring and analyzing of the need for improvements along Montgomery Road by the state highway administration. Community leaders in the subdivisions in that area are well aware of our efforts. They have been patient, helping us by providing suggestions based on their driving experiences.

When a number of land parcels were rezoned in that area prior to my election, I was opposed because of the potential traffic problems created by the increase in density.

Where was my Republican opponent then?

Yes, my opponent can keep talking, but where has he been when the people needed help? Actions speak louder than words. Action is what will help these neighborhoods, and we pledge to continue that help. ANGELA BELTRAM Ellicott City