The following was among actions taken at the Oct. 9 meeting of the Loudoun County School Board. For more information, call 771-6410.

BUILDING PROGRAM -- Because of a lower-than-expected 1990-91 enrollment and the worst budget crunch in recent history, the School Board received a staff report recommending that it defer some building projects and cut back on others.

The deferrals and cutbacks would save the school system about $5.2 million over the next five years, including a $1.6 million savings in the current year. The savings would reduce the five-year building program from about $67.7 million to $62.5 million.

The staff has recommended deferring indefinetely planned additions to Simpson and Sterling Middle Schools, and deferring for two years planned additions to Guilford Elementary School and C.S. Monroe Vo-Tech Center. It has also recommended cutting back improvements to middle school science labs from $500,000 per school to $400,000 per school. There are four middle schools in the county.

The staff made those recommendations after arriving at new, lower enrollment projections for the middle school population and for the population of Guilford Elementary, in Sterling. The most significant downturn would be at Simpson Middle School in Leesburg, according to this year's projections. Last year, staff members estimated that Simpson would have 1,036 students by the 1994-95 school year, making an addition necessary. Now staff members estimate there will only be 841 students. The school is considered full at 848 students.

The staff has recommended keeping to the construction schedule for the new Broad Run High School, planned for completion in 1994 . It also has recommended continuing plans to turn the current high school into a middle school that year. Staff members said those projects will still be needed because the existing Broad Run High School and Seneca Ridge Middle School are full now, and are expected to be over capacity by 1994.