A historic limestone springhouse on Cedar Creek Battlefield near Winchester, Va., was mistakenly knocked down by volunteers removing debris from the site in preparation for a Civil War battle re-enactment this weekend.

"Somebody got their wires crossed in a big way," said Tom Nida, president of Marathon Bank. Nida was involved in the purchase of the 160-acre battlefield site from developers.

Kristen Sanders, director of the Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation, called last week's incident "a regrettable incident for all concerned," but said the structure probably will be rebuilt.

The springhouse was adjacent to the Heater House, a 158-year-old building that members of the Top of Virginia Builders Association have been cleaning and preparing for restoration as a possible historical center for the battlefield.

Nida said that junk collected from in and around the springhouse was piled beside an old barn on a ridge above it.

The volunteers were supposed to haul the junk away, Nida said, but apparently believed they were supposed to knock down the springhouse as well.

The springhouse was significant because of its limestone foundation and first floor, which included hand-carved arches, windows and doors, Nida said. The second floor was wood and rotting badly, he said.