I have been amazed by calls that Montgomery County Democrats have issued for Mr. Kramer's withdrawal from the race for county executive. I refer specifically to letters from Ruth Harvey of Bethesda and Blanche Norris of Gaithersburg {Oct. 12}.

Ruth Harvey claims that ''democracy in its purest form means people taking the trouble to vote in the primary,'' while Blanche Norris goes so far as to say that ''Sid Kramer and his friends have concocted a plot to wrest the election from the duly elected winner of the primary, Neal Potter.''

Mr. Kramer suffers no criminal or ethical handicap that would impair effective performance of the duties of this office. His sole offense is the loss of a party primary. If he wishes to shed his partisan label and stand for election as an independent, that is his right.

It matters not whether he received numerous phone calls from supporters, as he claims -- the decision to keep his hat in the ring is his alone, while the final verdict on his candidacy rests with Montgomery County voters. If Mr. Kramer can gain a sufficient number of votes from Democrats and from Republicans and independents -- county citizens who had no voice in selecting the ''duly elected'' Mr. Potter -- he deserves another term, regardless of the primary outcome.

The pervasive attitude in the District and Maryland that somehow the sanctity of the ''democratic process'' (small ''d'') depends upon the success of the Democratic nominee (big ''D") does not serve our system well. Individuals should not surrender their constitutional rights the moment they check the box marked ''R'' or ''I'' on their voter registration form. The sad history of the Soviet Union and of the emerging democracies of Eastern Europe clearly illustrate the dangers of equating party leadership with political power.

PAUL F. FRITCH JR. Washington

It is amazing to see how hypocritical the Montgomery County Democratic Party is. On the one hand, its members complain that Sid Kramer is going to divide the party by agreeing to be drafted in a write-in campaign. They say he is showing his true party colors by not trying to quash the effort and march in unison with the rest of the Democrats.

On the other hand, these are the same people who condemned Mr. Potter for going against the party two years ago when it supported the ballot question for the Silver Spring parking garage. He campaigned hard against it. These are the people who a couple of months ago complained that Mr. Potter was abandoning his party by actively supporting Republican Betty Ann Kranke's candidacy for county council.

These are the same people who are suspiciously silent now that the central committee is opposed to the four tax-limiting ballot questions. Neal Potter openly favors them.

The fact is the Democratic Party is so splintered now, we need Sid Kramer to unite it and lead as he has (so well) before. The hypocrites should sit back and see where the party loyalty really is. MARK LIPOWSKY Gaithersburg