As a resident of North Potomac, I am strongly opposed to Neal Potter's proposal to turn the Travilah Quarry into a garbage dump. Those of us who live near the quarry have expressed concerns about the levels of asbestos there. Now we must add possible groundwater contamination to our list of worries.

Mr. Potter is safe in his Chevy Chase home, far from the Travilah Quarry and its damage to the environment. I wonder how he would feel about a dump in Chevy Chase, situated squarely in the middle of his urban, small-lot neighborhood.

Mr. Potter was a member of the 1981 county council that supported transfer development rights, placing thousands of houses across the street from the 6 a.m.-to-10 p.m. quarrying operation on Travilah Road. Neither the quarry operation nor a dump are compatible within a densely populated suburban setting.

IRA COHEN North Potomac

It has been frustrating for me to watch county officials' indecisiveness on the landfill issue for the past four years. Their lack of direction is obvious. They simply do not understand waste management and its effect on our community and the environment.

While attending a forum recently I found a candidate who understands the technology and is willing to make a decision. Albert Ceccone, candidate for Montgomery County executive, has taken the time at his personal expense to research waste energy.

He visited numerous incineration facilities in Sweden and Denmark that use the most advanced waste energy technology in the world. Hagdalaen, Upsala and Malmo were among them.

He returned to us with a clear position. He supports waste recycling and incineration of waste.

It is extremely important that we consider the legacy we leave our children and grandchildren. With this in mind I must support a candidate who understands the issues and is qualified to make knowledgeable decisions. GRACE MITCHELL MILLS Potomac