State house Delegates Robert Kittleman (R) and Robert Flanagan (R) have announced in a joint newsletter that even though the Linowes report on tax reform in Maryland hasn't been released yet, they expect "major conflicts" with it. Mr. Flanagan states that it will mean higher taxes for Montgomery County, and that he will be independent of the governor and the Democratic leadership in dealing with the report.

But Mr. Flanagan fails to state in the newsletter what he'll do with his independence. Is he going to introduce a better analysis of our tax system than the Linowes Commission? Or is this, once more, the knee-jerk response we've come to expect from these two Lone Ranger delegates in Annapolis?

Most distressing to me, as a voter who counts on my delegates to read and understand legislation and policy, is the fact that our delegates don't even wait until the Linowes report is released to comment on it. They just "plan to oppose the report." That's like the kid who won't eat broccoli because it's green. While few people, if any, care to see taxes increased, Howard County and Montgomery County voters do care about the basic fairness of any proposed tax reform. We deserve more than this stale political rhetoric.

It is sad to think that Messrs. Kittleman and Flanagan don't care enough about the people they represent to do their homework. We deserve better leadership.

BOB HEALY Columbia