Hotel Sacher Owner

Peter Guertler, 44, the owner of Vienna's Hotel Sacher and ex-husband of former U.S. ambassador Helene Von Damm, died at his hunting lodge in Pernitz, Austria, Oct. 24 of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Police said the death was a suicide.

Ambassador Von Damm was Mr. Guertler's second wife. They were divorced less than two years after they married while she was ambassador in 1985. She resigned a few months later, citing the appearance of a conflict of interest.


Novelist, N.H. Professor

Thomas Williams, 63, an award-winning novelist and University of New Hampshire professor, died of lung cancer Oct. 23 at Wentworth Douglass Hospital in Dover, N.H.

Mr. Williams, who had taught at the University of New Hampshire since 1958, published eight novels, a book of short stories and numerous pieces in literary and popular magazines beginning in the mid-1950s. His novel, "The Hair of Harold Roux," won the National Book Award for fiction in 1975.


Marcial Lalanda, one of Spain's top matadors of the 1920s and 1930s, died Oct. 24 in Madrid. The cause of death was not reported.

He retired from the arena in 1942. The "Marcial" paso doble dance named after him is still frequently played during bullfights.


D & H Chairman

Julius A. Rainess, 74, chairman and chief executive officer of D & H Distributing Company of Harrisburg, Pa., died of heart ailments Oct. 19 at his home in Baltimore.

Mr. Rainess began working for D & H in 1941, and was elected president in the early 1970s. The company distributes electronic appliance and computer materials.