French Writer

Colette Audry, 84, a prize-winning French novelist, screenwriter and critic, died Oct. 20 near Paris. The cause of death was not reported.

She won the 1962 Medicis Prize, a top French literary prize, for her autobiographical novel "Behind the Bathtub" and received wide acclaim for her screenplay in the film "The Battle for the Railway," a 1946 account of resistance to Nazi occupation by French rail workers.

Miss Audry was a grand-niece of the 19th-century president, Gaston Boumergue. She taught letters at the Lycee Moliere in Paris and was an accomplished literary critic, especially on the works of philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre.


Singer and Guitarist

ZuZu Bollin, 68, a Texas blues singer and guitarist who received international acclaim after a 25-year absence from the music scene, died of cancer Oct. 19 at a hospital in Dallas.

He was one of the last living links with first-generation Texas blues artists, having learned much of his electric-guitar style from T-Bone Walker in the 1940s.

From 1963 to 1987, he worked at a Dallas dry cleaning business. He was rediscovered in 1987 when he recorded "ZuZu Bollin: Texas Bluesman," his only album.