Rep. Stan Parris (R-Va.) accused Alexandria Mayor James P. Moran Jr. of lying in a campaign television commercial yesterday, saying Moran is falsely trying to link him with bankrupt savings and loan owner Charles Keating Jr.

Moran said last night his campaign would review the ad, which charges that Parris once met personally with Keating, after questions were raised about a newspaper article on which it was based. But Moran said the commercial would continue to air unless Parris could show the meeting did not occur.

Moran, a Democrat, is seeking the 8th Congressional District seat that Parris has held for six terms. The election is Tuesday.

Keating has been charged with fraud in the country's largest savings and loan failure. Moran repeatedly has accused Parris of supporting policies that caused the S&L industry's collapse, and Parris consistently has disputed the charges.

"I have never had a meeting with Charles Keating," Parris said, "and I challenge Mr. Moran to pull the TV spot or prove otherwise . . . . My opponent has distorted my position on issues more than any other I have had."

Moran cited two sources to support the charge -- news articles in The Sacramento (Calif.) Bee and National Mortgage News -- but said his campaign would recheck the allegation after the author of the Bee story said yesterday it was inaccurate.

The second story listed excepts from Keating's appointment calendars from 1984 through 1989, and included one entry for a meeting between Keating, Parris and Rep. Charles Pashayan Jr. (R-Calif.) in January 1987. The author of that story said yesterday that government investigators told him the calendars are "substantially accurate," but said at least three lawmakers have denied they attended meetings listed in the calendars.

Moran said last night his campaign "will further investigate" the allegations because "we want to be as accurate as possible . . . . If we come to the conclusion {the commercial} is wrong, we will take it off immediately."

"The point to be made is not that {Parris} met with Keating, but that he contributed to the S&L scandal," Moran said. "That's the real issue."

Parris said the ad raises questions about Moran's credibility.