The Post reported that abortion is the galvanizing issue in Maryland's District 15 of western and northern Montgomery County {"Md. Abortion- Rights Advocates Battling the Setbacks of Success," Metro, Oct. 24}. Yet at a candidates forum that filled the Potomac Community Center on the evening of Oct. 22, only five minutes were spent on the abortion issue.

All six candidates for the House of Delegates are campaigning as pro-choice. Some issue. The state house is determined -- and has the votes -- to pass an abortion-rights bill into law during the first few months of the 1991 session.

Since a Maryland legislator's term is four years, the voters of Montgomery County are much more interested in fiscal issues -- issues that touch home, such as the citizens' property tax revolt that forced four tax-limitation questions on the November ballot, Montgomery County's declining return on its state tax dollar, spending affordability and state pork-barrel projects.

The three Democratic and three Republican candidates have very different approaches to these fiscal issues. Examining these approaches consumed the rest of the evening's forum. If voters think abortion is the galvanizing issue in District 15, it is only because the press has reported it that way. Political reporters should stop beating a hollow drum and cover the the true issues we are struggling with in District 15.