In today's edition of The D.C. Voters' Guide, which was printed in advance, Robert L. King is listed as a candidate for an advisory neighborhood commissioner in Fort Lincoln (5A). He is not the Robert L. King, deputy director of the D.C. Department of Administrative Services, who was fined $10,000 last month in D.C. Superior Court for failing to do enough to stop the sexual harassment of a female employee when he was a division head in the D.C. Department of Finance and Revenue. (Published 11/1/90)

Voters may vote for one candidate in the ANC Single Member District (SMD) in which they live. Based on the voter's address, poll workers will give the appropriate SMD ballot to each voter. The two-year ANC post is nonpartisan and nonsalaried.


ANC 1A (10 Seats).

1A01 Maurice Jackson, 1515 Spring Pl. NW

1A02 Antonio (Tony) Montes, 3520 Center St. NW, #405

1A03 Habib Amir Ali, 3322 14th St. NW, #505 Elizabeth McIntire, 1502 Park Rd. NW

1A04 Eric Graye, 1304 Monroe Ct. NW Mack A. James, 3544 13th St. NW

1A05 Tedd Miller, 1351 Monroe St. NW

1A06 Dwight L. Ausbrooks, 3226 Sherman Ave. NW Shelore C. Williams, 3215 13th St. NW

1A07 John C. Kerr, 1010 Otis Pl. NW

1A08 Benjamin Peasant, 733 Quebec Pl. NW

1A09 Chandler R. Clary, 649 Keefer Pl. NW

1A10 Lenwood O. Johnson, 627 Columbia Rd. NW Rosalie Foster, 3116 Warder St. NW Mark Robinson, 639 Irving St. NW

ANC 1B (13 Seats).

1B01 Muriel L. Martin, 1821 16th St. NW #107

1B02 Stanley J. Mayes, 1334 Wallach Pl. NW

1B03 M.A. Doll Fitzgerald, 2301 11th St. NW #609 Lionel Hamin, 2523 13th St. NW

1B04 William N. Wood Jr., 1815 Eighth St. NW

1B05 Lawrence T. Guyot Jr., 507 U St. NW

1B06 Theresa F. Brown, 317 U St. NW

1B07 No Candidate

1B08 No Candidate

1B09 Phyliss Stewart Thompson, 1316 Columbia Rd. NW

1B10 Catherine Hammonds, 1341 Clifton St. NW #204 Mary Treadwell, 1470 Chapin St. NW

1B12 J. Tony Jones, 1440 W St. NW, #204 James Ivan Quarrelles, 2101 New Hampshire Ave. NW #805

1B13 Reese W. James II, 1401 Fairmont St. NW, #517

ANC 1C (10 Seats).

1C01 Virginia M. Johnson, 1818 Vernon St. NW Ruth Logue, 1841 California St. NW

1C02 Grace Malakoff, 2359 Ashmead Pl. NW

1C03 James P. Crane, 1858 Mintwood Pl. NW Ramberto A. Torruella, 1841 Columbia Rd. NW, #510A

1C04 Barbara A. Helmick, 2707 Adams Mill Rd. NW Walter C. Pierce, 1892 Ontario Pl. NW

1C05 Peter M. Schott, 3025 Ontario Rd. NW, #208

1C06 John Jones, 1620 Fuller St. NW, #304

1C07 Edward Glenn Jackson Sr., 2460 Ontario Rd. NW

1C08 David A. Rossi Jr., 2319 Ontario Rd. NW

1C09 Ruth M. Long, 1749 Swann St. NW

1C10 William (Bill) Arrington, 1621 V St. NW Marina Streznewski, 1816 New Hampshire Ave. NW, #801

ANC 1D (2 Seats).

1D01 Judith R. Brunton, 2126 Connecticut Ave. NW, #9

1D02 Charles B. Arrington Jr., 2426 Tracy Pl. NW

ANC 1E (5 Seats).

1E01 Ken Fealing, 1661 Park Rd. NW, #B3 Laura A. Hines, 3150 16th St. NW, #34

1E02 Clifton O. Williams II, 3435 Brown St. NW, #8

1E03 Judith Ann Fredette, 3361 18th St. NW

1E04 Alice Kelly, 1755 Lamont St. NW Yvette T. Tyler, 3228 19th St. NW

1E05 Stanley Allen, 1756 Kenyon St. NW


ANC 2A (6 Seats).

2A01 Jean Swift, 2124 I St. NW, #606

2A02 Charles L. Clapp, 2555 Pennsylvania Ave. NW Albert J. Taran, 1140 23rd St. NW, #1004

2A03 David Alexander, 2424 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, #601 Maria Tyler, 949 25th St. NW

2A04 Robert Austin, 2500 Virginia Ave. NW

2A05 Edward T. Kelly, 500 23rd St. NW

2A06 Sara Maddux, 522 21st St. NW, #401

ANC 2B (7 Seats).

2B01 Renelda M. Fallon, 1701 R St. NW Edward S. Grandis, 1800-A Swann St. NW

2B02 Doreen Moses, 1911 R St. NW, #201

2B03 Robert Marvin, 1601 18th St. NW, #512 Alaire B. Reiffel, 1709 Q St. NW

2B04 Daniel Francis Callahan, 1618 Riggs Pl. NW Dennis E. Gaugler, 1634 Riggs Pl. NW Ron Millar, 1530 16th St. NW, #102

2B05 Dennis Bass, 1513 Q St. NW

2B06 Pamela Taylor, 1318 22nd St. NW, #105

2B07 Jack Evans, 1718 P St. NW #808

ANC 2C (16 Seats).

2C01 Joseph D. Sternlieb, 1450 Q St. NW

2C02 Robert Ebel, 1318 Rhode Island Ave. NW Robert A. Erickson, 1313 Vermont Ave. NW, #14 Lewis James Carter III, 1234 Massachusetts Ave. NW, #516

2C03 James W. Brandon, 1301 15th St. NW, #615

2C04 John J. Fanning Jr., 1305 12th St. NW Paul E. vonDonop, 1524 12th St. NW

2C05 Daniel W. McDowney, 927 R St. NW Ray Milefsky, 812 Q St. NW

2C06 Merle Lynn Sykes, 1327 10th St. NW

2C07 Leroy Joseph Thorpe Jr., 1427 Fifth St. NW, #3

2C08 No Candidate

2C09 Doris L. Brooks, 1104 McCollough Ct. NW, #301

2C10 Duane L. Beach, 1222 Fourth St. NW William R. Speaks, 1341 Sixth St. NW, #2

2C11 Earnest C. Williams, 401 K St. NW, #407N

2C12 Cassandra B. Burnett, 1200 North Capitol St. NW, #422 Lawrence L. Thomas, 901 New Jersey Ave. NW

2C13 Alverta H. Munlyn, 1160 First Pl. NW

2C14 Tyrone Tate, 1143 Sixth St. NE

2C15 Mozella Boyd-White, 229 K St. NE

2C16 Clifford W. Waddy, 711 I St., NE.

ANC 2D (8 Seats).

2D01 Willie L. Reeves, 1100 Sixth St. SW, #213

2D02 Ronald "Ryan" Collins, 301 G St. SW, #609 Charles W. Hargrave, 600 Third St. SW Charles H. Liner, 741-A Delaware Ave. SW

2D03 Reva M. Brown, 201 I St. NW, #408

2D04 No Candidate

2D05 Linda S. Eckles, 410 O St. SW Bobbie Fisher, 490 M St. SW, #W106

2D06 Loretta L. Reeves, 1250 Fourth St. SW, #W404

2D07 Lavonnia D. Johnson, 1258 First St. SW

2D08 No Candidate

ANC 2E (6 Seats).

2E01 Westwood "Westy" McDermid, 1631 34th St. NW Thomas R. Stauffer, 1640 35th St. NW

2E02 Grace Bateman, 1422 33rd St. NW

2E03 Kara Kent, 3209 Cherry Hill Ln. NW

2E04 Jill Goodrich-Mahoney, 3242 Q St. NW

2E05 William McGreevey, 2911 P St. NW

2E06 Myrna Firestone, 3101 Dubarton St. NW


ANC 3B (6 Seats).

3B01 Barbara A. Hamer, 3850 Tunlaw Rd. NW

3B02 Ron Fried, 2513 39th St. NW Charles F. Holzwarth Jr., 2209 Eighth St. NW

3B03 Elliot A. Rattley Jr., 3903 Davis Pl. NW, #202 Sandy Panchak, 4114 Davis Pl. NW #116

3B04 No Candidate

3B05 Frederick H. Fleming, 3536 S St. NW

3B06 Dianne Sawaya-Barnes, 4444 Greenwich Pkwy. NW

ANC 3C (9 Seats).

3C01 Cheryl Ann Opacinch, 2625 Woodley Pl. NW

3C02 Robert (Sam) Sampson, 2659 Woodley Rd. NW

3C03 John A. Jenkins, 3109 Garfield St. NW

3C04 Roger Burns, 2800 Quebec St. NW, #1242

3C05 Laurie Handlers, 3701 Reno Rd. NW Pat Tatum, 3053 Ordway St. NW

3C06 Phil Mendelson, 3896 Porter St. NW

3C07 Patricia Wamsley, 3238 Idaho Ave. NW

3C08 Rosalyn Doggett, 2702 36th St. NW

3C09 Peter Espenschied, 3414 Newark St. NW

ANC 3D (6 Seats).

3D01 Marion Guggenheim, 4343 Cathedral Ave. NW

3D02 No Candidate

3D03 Ann F. Heuer, 4831 Indian Ln.

D04 Joseph D. Murphy, 5015 Lowell St. NW

3D05 Daniel C. Cross, 2950 University Ter. NW

3D06 Joyce U. Waid, 4710 Foxhall Crescents NW.

ANC 3E (5 Seats).

3E01 Diane Shehan, 4848 Albermarle St. NW

3E02 Stephen J. Raiche, 4632 Chesapeake St. NW

3E03 James H. Curtin, 4405 Garrison St. NW

3E04 Margaret-Mary Grumbine, 3952 Garrison St. NW David K. Scott, 4931 41st St. NW

3E05 Paul Strauss, 4201 Massachusetts Ave. NW

ANC 3F (6 Seats).

3F01 Stephen "Pat" Belcher, 2935 Tilden St. NW

3F02 Philip Henry, 3001 Veazy Ter., #1405 James "Jay" A. Larrson Jr., 2939 Van Ness St. NW, #114

3F03 Frank Hammill Jr., 4608 29th Pl. NW Joseph Moran, 4518 30th St. NW

3F04 No Candidate

3F05 D.E. Polk, 3646 Cumberland St. NW

3F06 Charles R. Braun, 3816 Windom Pl. NW

ANC 3G (7 Seats).

3G01 Byron J. Grayson Sr., 3038 Chestnut St. NW

3G02 Robert A. Diamond, 6251 29th St. NW Lelia Zanner Moors, 6019 Utah Ave. NW

3G03 Cathleen Raisher, 5404 32nd St. NW Anne M. Renshaw, 2910 Military Rd. NW

3G04 Allen E. Beach, 3342 Stuyvesant Pl. NW

3G05 James Connelly, 5437 Connecticut Ave. NW, #701 Leon Jacobs, 3705 Morrison St. NW Marty Wrin, 5509 Chevy Chase Pkway. NW

3G06 Mary K. Johnston, 5415 Connecticut Ave. NW, #218 Jeffrey Norman, 5410 Connecticut Ave. NW, #717 James Henry Watson, 5415 Connecticut Ave. NW

3G07 Marilyn Holmes, 3718 Jenifer St. NW


ANC 4A (8 Seats).

4A01 Rudy G. Jackson, 1666 Primrose Rd. NW

4A02 Ronald S. Flowers, 7705 Alaska Ave. NW

4A03 No Candidate

4A04 Betty E. Malone, 1431 Somerset Pl. NW, #301

4A05 Judith A. Anderson, 1324 Ft. Stevens Dr. NW Kimberly T. Mack, 1342 Sheridan St. NW

4A06 Cynthia Denmark Morgan, 5710 Colorado Ave. NW Lloyd L. Williams, 6000 13th St. NW, #112

4A07 Laurece L. Chatman, 1400 Montague St. NW Emilie N. Junge, 1634 Montague St. NW

4A08 John C. Eason Jr., 1757 Shepard St. NW Bernard A. Quaterman Sr., 3831 Argyle Ter. NW

ANC 4B (12 Seats).

4B01 Ralston C. Mathews, 7480 Blair Rd. NW

4B02 Keith Fabre, 272 Carroll St. NW, #B Anthony Muhammad, 7114 9th St. NW

4B03 Katie R. Crawley, 515 Van Buren St. NW

4B04 No Candidate

4B05 Charlie Glenn, 6226 Ninth St. NW Vinson T. Stringer, 920 Sheridan St. NW

4B06 Maurice A. Alexander, 610 Quintana Pl. NW Charles L. Mathis, 900 Rittenhouse St. NW

4B07 Susie J. Carpenter, 714 Marietta Pl. NW

4B08 Vannie Taylor III, 5615 First St. NW Evelyn U. Johnson, 244 Madison St. NW

4B09 Beverlye C. Neal, 5714 Fifth St. NW

4B10 Alice W. Gilmore, 32 Sheridan St. NE Jerome H. Parson II, 6413 North Capitol St. NE Cecilia Smith, 408 Quackenbos St. NE

4B11 Warren Hudson Jr., 336 Nicholson St. NE Amanda (Amy) Hatcher Lyon, 5607 Second St. NE

4B12 Edna S. Southerland, 427 Madison St. NE

ANC 4C01 (8 Seats).

4C01 Taalib-Din A. Uqdah, 1373 Jefferson St. NW

4C02 Geneva R. Jones, 1222 Hamilton St. NW

4C03 Lillian Wiggins, 1501 Crittenden St. NW

4C04 No Candidate

4C05 No Candidate

4C06 Ronnie L. Edwards, 931 Shepherd St. NW Timothy A. Jones, 737 Rock Creek Ch. Rd. NW Denise Spencer, 3715 Kansas Ave. NW

4C07 No Candidate

4C08 Melva M. Abdullah, 304 Upshur St. NW Joanne E. Thomas, 4107 Third St. NW.

ANC 4D (13 Seats). 4D01 Barbara A. Young, 609 Jefferson St. NW

4D02 Blanche Bradley, 213 Ingraham St. NW

4D03 Grace McMullen Littlejohn, 41 Kennedy St. NE

4D04 Lorenzo (Larry) Allen, 5304 Eighth St. NW Melvin D. Craig, 5312 Fifth St. NW

4D05 Agnes A. Johnson, 5217 Fifth St. NW Seitu Muhammad Kokayi, 220 Hamilton St. NW, #8

4D06 Geraldine Chisley, 713 Emerson St. NW Maurice B. Tilghman Jr., 904 Farragut St. NW

4D07 Alfred E. Mundy, 4917 First St. NW

4D08 No Candidate

4D09 Mary C.D. Smith, 4709 Fourth St. NW

4D10 William (Butch) Burns, 4226 Seventh St. NW, #9 Joan M. Thomas, 715 Varnum St. NW

4D11 Christopher E. Byrd, 144 Webster St. NE

4D12 Susan Emerson, USSAH Box 497 James T. Green, USSAH Box 610

4D13 Robert Clayton Cooper, 3014 Gentain Ct. NE Helen H. Mitchell, 38 Hawthorne Ct. NE


ANC 5A (15 Seats).

5A01 James W. Johnson, 5363 Chillum Pl. NE Isaac Lanham, 645 Jefferson St. NE

5A02 Clayton L. Butler, 5161 Seventh St. NE Alma L. McLaughlin, 1118 Galloway St. NW

5A03 Joseph L. Bowser, 4809 Seventh St. NE Helen F. Talley, 737 Crittenden St. NE Joyce Young, 4710 Sixth Pl. NE

5A04 Raymond L. Dickey Sr., 1256 Emerson St. NE

5A05 Kenneth E. Howley, 4308 13th Pl. NE Joyce C. Saucier, 4603 Seventh St. NE.

5A06 Harry L. Thomas Jr., 4003 21st St. NE

5A07 Mary M. Baird-Currie, 1120 Michigan Ave. NE

5A08 Joanne E. Boxley, 4212 14th St. NE

5A09 Brian K. Flowers, 1331 Irving St. NE

5A10 Angie L. Corley, 3519 14th St. NE

5A11 Eugene R. Washington, 1905 Kearney St. NE Danette D. Williams, 2225 Lawrence St. NE

5A12 Roland O. Chavis, 3922 South Dakota Ave. NE Deidre W. Spaulding, 1905 Randolph St. NE

5A13 Lester M. Austin, 3043 Douglas St. NE Sam Darden, 2478 Irving St. NE

5A14 Mozelle Ellis Watkins, 3225 Walnut St. NE

5A15 Robert King, 3102 Apple Rd. NE Edward Henry Wolterbeek, 3139 Cherry Rd. NE

ANC 5B (14 Seats).

5B01 Enez W. Martin, 1719 Franklin St. NE

5B02 Altha R. Eliott, 2925 20th St. NE

5B03 Bernice Lewis, 1401 Montana Ave. NE, #5

5B04 J.R. Richardson, 1381 Adams St. NE

5B05 Mark A. Jones, 952 Mt. Olivet Rd. NE, #2

5B06 Jo Ann Williams-Delaney, 1707 Capitol Ave. NE, #2

5B07 George A. Boyd, 1264 Owen Pl. NE

5B08 Mary Rose Chappelle, 1341 Queen St. NE

5B09 Doris V. Johnson, 1323 Holbrook St. NE Arvie Parks Sr. 1231 Morse St. NE

5B10 No Candidate

5B11 James Booze, 1724 Lange Pl. NE

5B12 Elaine T. Bush, 904 22nd St. NE

5B13 No Candidate

5B14 No Candidate

ANC 5C (13 Seats).

5C01 James D. Berry Jr., 140 Bates St. NW Gloria P. Taylor, 1621 New Jersey Ave. NW

5C02 Mary Ann Wilmer, 74 Bates St. NW

5C03 Florence H. Pendleton, 147 S St. NW Taurus S. Wright, 32 Rhode Island Ave. NW

5C04 Richard "Rick" Sowell Jr., 38 V St. NW

5C05 Mary Barbour, 37 Franklin St. NE

5C06 No Candidate

5C07 Lugman El-Shabazz, 1907 North Capitol St. NE Daniel L. Robinson, 1921 Lincoln Rd. NE Warner L. Walden, 127 Rhode Island Ave. NE

5C08 Lynn D. Butler, 2019 Fourth St. NE Caroline E. Wills, 1713 Second St. NE

5C09 Jessie L. Kelsey, 202 Ascot Pl. NE

5C10 Lelia Peterbark, 2701 Fourth St. SE

5C11 Viginia L. Matthews, 506 Edgewood St. NE Toni L. Lake, 601 Edgewood St. NE, #520 Juanda V. Jones, 535 Edgewood St. NE, #5 DeVaughn Edwards, 611 Edgewood St. NE, #1018

5C12 No Candidate

5C13 Fletcher Gregory, 2905 10th St., NE #5.


ANC 6A (14 Seats).

6A01 Eddie G. Fowler, 431 19th St. NE Herbert Harris Jr., 424 Oklahoma Ave. NE

6A02 Irving Hinton, 1734 Gales St. NE

6A03 Virginia L. Evans, 1815 D St. NE Mary E. Jackson, 323 17th Pl. NE

6A04 William M. Hayden, 1404 Constitution Ave. NE

6A05 Craig K. Lisk, 216 12th Pl. NE

6A06 Ernest Postell Sr., 1418 E St. NE

6A07 Ruth E. Flythe, 1327 F St. NE Barbara Murphy, 1318 F St. NE

6A08 Larry Cunningham, 825 Ninth St. NE Rosalie Johnson, 821 13th St. NE

6A09 Diana E. Offen, 721 10th St. NE Meyer J. Persow, 1226 Linden Pl. NE

6A10 Alan Horowitz, 1239 D St. NE Paul David McMahan, 405 Ninth St. NE

6A11 Virginia W. Gaddis, 238 11th St. NE Thomas C. Kuchenberg, 112 11th St. NE

6A12 Richard Dick Brown, 521 Second St. NE Carolyn P. Serfass, 500 E St. NE.

6A13 Scott Price, 517 E St. NE

6A14 Robert E. Donaldson, 310 A St. NE

ANC 6B (12 Seats).

6B01 No Candidate

6B02 Karen Walker, 423 Fifth St. SE

6B03 Dion Johnson, 629 G St. SE

6B04 James "Jamie" Platt, 807 E St. SE Peter Winch, 519 12th St. SE

6B05 Marcella Hilt, 219 10th St. SE J. Jonathon Jones, 1205 Walter St. SE Cecile S. Shure, 228 11th St. SE

6B06 Francis B. Reilly, 136 1/2 13th St. SE Denis Zegar, 107 Kentucky Ave. SE

6B07 Allean Cole Brown, 1409 South Carolina Ave. SE Lisa D. Schwartz, 1522 1/2 Massachusetts Ave. SE

6B08 Evelyn B. Washington, 403 16th St. SE

6B09 Wilbert "Will" Hill, 701 14th St. SE Jacqueline S. West, 700 12th St. SE, #311

6B10 Thelma R. Harvey, 1314 K St. SE, #204 Thomas W. Smithey, 1429 K St. SE

6B11 Brenda Billops, 437 17th St. SE

6B12 Gabriel Thy, 109 18th St. SE

ANC 6C (12 Seats).

6C01 Julius Ware II, 3312 Croffut Pl. SE Warren E. Leggett Jr. 3513 B St. SE.

6C02 Joseph E. Johnson, 723 Croissant Pl. SE

6C03 Otis Williams, 2330 R St. SE

6C04 Clifton D. Chambers, 1920 Naylor Rd. SE Donna X Crews, 1814 Q St., SE

6C05 Robert R. Adams III, 2109 Ridge Pl. SE

6C06 Ernest Darling, 1828 18th St. SE

6C07 Oliver Johnson, 1261 U St. SE Patricia Makin, 1250 U St. SE

6C08 Carolyn Johns Gray, 2009 18th St. SE

6C09 Charles R. Ballard, 2300 Good Hope Rd. SE, #1004 S'Antonio I. Goode, 2300 Good Hope Rd. SE, #614 Caesar L. Marshall Jr., 2330 Good Hope Rd. SE, #820 Lillian Y. Moore, 2330 Good Hope Rd. SE, #1109

6C10 Louis Zapata, 1340 Valley Pl. SE

6C11 No Candidate

6C12 Jacqueline B. Shillings, 2433 Wagner St. SE


ANC 7A (5 Seats).

7A01 Kimi Gray, 1521 45th St. NE

7A02 Herman B. Greene, 4233 Marne Pl. NE

7A03 Rita Jackson, 772 Kenilworth Ter. NE, #6 Troy Muhammad, 3802 Hayes St. NE, #6

7A04 Roberta Jones, 3722 Hayes St. NE, #201

7A05 George Gurley, 3393 Blaine St. NE, #3D William L. Peebles, 221 33rd St. NE

ANC 7B (8 Seats).

7B01 John E. McClain, 3057 M St. SE

7B02 Herbert A. Boyd Jr., 3229 Highwood Dr. SE

7B03 Doris V. Beagle, 1744 40th St. SE Alfred X. Fox, 4239 Massachusetts Ave. SE.

7B04 Bill O'Field, 2006-B 37th St. SE

7B05 Belva T. Simmons, 3604 Austin St. SE Carrie H. Turner, 3612 Alabama Ave. SE

7B06 William Joseph Hickey, 2808 Terrace Rd. SE

7B07 Vincent Spaulding, 2914 W St. SE

7B08 No Candidate

ANC 7C (8 Seats).

7C01 Lawrence E. Perry, 5119 Lee St. NE

7C02 Samuel F. Bost, 1123 48th Pl. NE Dorothy Y. Douglas, 4401 Minnesota Ave. NE

7C03 Annette Doxie, 5053 Just St. NE Eva M. Jones, 5336 Jay St. NE

7C04 Linda Y. Fisher, 4701 Jay St. NE

7C05 Shirley Mae Sterling, 5341 Gay St. NE, #303

7C06 No Candidate

7C07 Hannah Pitts-Gilmore, 333 54th St. NE Jerry Lee Benson Sr., 312 1/2 59th St. NE

7C08 Mary L. Gaffney, 328 62nd St. NE, #201

ANC 7D (7 Seats).

7D01 Natalie G. Greene, 4044 Blaine St. NE

7D02 Jeffrey M. Ford, 3940 Ames St. NE

7D03 James Parks, 4213 Hayes St. NE

7D04 James F. Onley Sr., 204 46th St. NE

7D05 No Candidate

7D06 No Candidate

7D07 Catherine A. Woods, 4904 Fitch Pl. NE

ANC 7E (9 Seats).

7E01 Veronica J. Wade, 5929 East Capitol St. SE, #215

7E02 Joseph W. Lockett, 5561 Central Ave. SE Josephine P. Samuels, 41 54th St. SE

7E03 Minnie C. Robinson, 5221 East Capitol St. SE

7E04 Mary D. Jackson, 135 49th St. SE

7E05 Pauline T. Ward, 5120 E St. SE

7E06 Ivory D. Walters, 507 51st St. SE

7E07 Charles C. White, 844 51st St. SE

7E08 Helen M. Hasty, 1102 46th St. SE

7E09 Benjamin Earl Thomas Sr., 1135 Chaplin St. SE

ANC 7F (5 Seats).

7F01 Constance M. Thompson, 4560 Texas Ave. SE

7F02 Karen M. Settles, 234 37th St. SE

7F03 James Jefferson, 3417 Minnesota Ave. SE, #3 Isabelle B. Smith, 3501 Minnesota Ave. SE, #1

7F04 Martharene S. Smarr, 4529 C St. SE

7F05 Theodore A. Howard Sr. 4335 F St. SE


ANC 8A (7 Seats).

8A01 Dorothea M. Ferrell, 1335 Stevens Rd. SE

8A02 Alfonso (Al) L. Freeman, 2672 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. SE

8A03 F.D.R. Fox, 1133 Chicago St. SE Randolph C. Scott, 1131 Chicago St. SE

8A04 Letitia Hackett, 2671 Douglas Pl. SE, #203

8A05 Hannah M. Hawkins, 1450 Howard Rd. SE Bernard D. Ferguson, 1707 Gainesville St. SE, #2

8A06 Albert Anthony Pearsall III, 2427 15th Pl. SE

8A07 Lewis C. Ecker II, 2700 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. SE

ANC 8B (8 seats).

8B01 No Candidate

8B02 No Candidate

8B03 William Cauley, 3113 24th St. SE

8B04 No Candidate

8B05 No Candidate

8B06 No Candidate

8B07 No Candidate

8B08 No Candidate

ANC 8C (7 Seats).

8C01 Newton "Big Newt" Smith, 558 Newcomb St. SE, #2

8C02 William Lockridge, 121 Raleigh St. SE

8C03 Alethea W. Campbell, 745 Congress St. SE

8C04 Mary J. Cuthbert, 3724 Horner Pl. SE

8C05 Margi R. Jenkins, 3918 First St. SE

8C06 No Candidate

8C07 No Candidate

ANC 8D (8 Seats).

8D01 Dwight J. Gaither, 5 Brandywine St. SE, #24 Constance A. Mobley, 19 Atlantic St. SE

8D02 James Edward Bunn, 107 Elmira St. SW

8D03 No Candidate

8D04 No Candidate

8D05 Moses J. Smith, 4317 Third St. SE, #102

8D06 No Candidate

8D07 O.V. Johnson, 632 Elmira St. SE

8D08 No Candidate

ANC 8E (8 Seats).

8E01 No Candidate

8E02 Absalom F. Jordan Jr., 1240 Savannah St. SE

8E03 No Candidate

8E04 No Candidate

8E05 Muriel D. Chambers, 609 Condon Ter. SE

8E06 Phyllis Knight, 412 Chesapeake St. SE

8E07 Wardell V. Barnes, 835 Yuma St. SE Dorothy L. Ensley, 812 Bellevue St. SE, #201 Gwendolyn Paramore, 903 Barnaby St. SE

8E08 Robert Yeldell, 800 Southern Ave. SE