Term: 4 Years

Salary: $13,566.48

QUESTION: What is the most important issue facing your voters and what will you do about it if elected?


1 seat

A.M. "Monte" Davis (Independent)

Mary Margaret Whipple (Democrat)

A.M. "Monte" Davis (I)

Age: 43

Vice president, Central Fidelity Bank; commissioner, Arlington County Planning Commission, 1989-present; Arlington County Board's Public/Private Task Force on Housing Resources, 1990; Arlington Chamber of Commerce president, 1988, director, 1980-82 and 1984-present; director, Virginia Chamber of Commerce, 1988-present; chairman, Washington Metropolitan Council of Chambers of Commerce, 1989; trustee, Arlington Hospital, 1986-present; director, Arlington Symphony, 1989-present; director, Arlington unit, American Cancer Society, 1984; Arlington Host Lions Club; Northern Virginia Board of Realtors; St. Charles Catholic Church; Radford University; married, three children.

A. One-party, closed-door government in Arlington has resulted in the incumbents losing touch with -- not listening to -- the people about either countywide or neighborhood matters. One of many examples is the pitting of neighborhood against neighborhood as county authorities desperately seek a site for a combined jail and multipurpose facility no neighborhood wants. The obvious choice has been the so-called old jail (16 years old), which lies outside residential areas. Another example: the increasing burden of taxes and fees borne by all citizens, notably by middle-income families and small businesses. I would open the doors of Arlington government, exchanging information and ideas with any citizen interested in a dialogue. I would introduce initiatives to benefit all citizens, just as I have done in this campaign. Among other ways of lowering costs to save taxpayers' money, I would seek thorough justifications for line items proposed in the county budget.

Mary Margaret Whipple (D)

Age: 50


Member, Arlington County Board, 1983-present, chairman, 1986; chairman, board of directors, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority; member, Northern Virginia Transportation Commission, 1983-90, Virginia Association of Counties Executive Board, 1983-90, Governor's Potomac River Basin Commission, 1985-90, Virginia Fire Services Board, 1989-90; BA, American University; MA, George Washington University; married; two daughters graduated from Arlington public schools; two grandchildren.

A. The most serious issue facing Arlington County is how to continue to provide the high level of services the citizens of Arlington expect and deserve, while still maintaining Arlington's position as the jurisdiction with the lowest tax burden in the metropolitan area. As assistance from the state and federal government dwindles, more responsibility is placed on the local government. As a County Board member, I have placed a high priority on education, human services and public safety and would ensure that these areas continue to receive appropriate funding. Efficiencies to reduce county government costs instituted for fiscal year 1991 included improved automotive preventive maintenance ( $300,000 savings), therapeutic foster care ($200,000 savings) as well as reductions in consultants, increased internal auditing and health care cost controls. I would continue to search for economies in county operations and would make the tough decisions necessary to reduce programs of lesser priority.