Term: 4 Years

Salary: $27,500

QUESTION: What issue inspired you to run for council and how would your presence on the council make a difference?


(1 seat)

Shane Pendergrass (Democrat)

Dennis R. Schrader (Republican)

Shane Pendergrass (D)

9705 Deep Smoke, Columbia

Age: 40


Council member, Howard County, 1986-present; chairman, Howard County Council, 1988-present; representative, Baltimore Regional Council of Governments, 1988-present; former president, Savage Community Association; executive board member, PTA; art teacher, college level; MA, BEA, University of Illinois. A.

I ran for County Council in 1986 as a result of grass-roots involvement in important community concerns, such as seriously overcrowded schools, uncontrolled growth and public safety issues. In four years on the council, I've built strong working relationships with my fellow council members and county, state and federal officials that have resulted in a strong record of accomplishment. I helped bring five new schools to District 1 -- three already opened and two on line. I supported the temporary growth cap, legislation to protect fragile land during development and the 1990 General Plan. I opposed the North Laurel I-95 truck stop and the Savage sludge incinerator. The Savage Library and Health Clinic and Elkridge and East Columbia libraries are projects I supported. I also introduced day-care tax credit legislation. And I'm committed to passing an adequate public facilities ordinance. I will continue to get things done in my next term.

Dennis R. Schrader (R)

7173 Winter Rose Path, Columbia

Age: 37

Director of facilities for University of Maryland Medical System Corp.; board member, Elkhorn Landing Community Association, Baltimore Council for Equal Business Opportunity and Community Housing Management Corp.; participated in Howard County leadership program; past member, Owen Brown Resident Architectural Committee; past member of advisory committee to the Board of Education; past president, Columbia Republican Club; lieutenant commander, Naval Reserve, active duty seven years (received Navy commendation and achievement medals); licensed professional engineer; United Way Campaign volunteer; BS and MS in industrial engineering; married; one child. A.

The need for strong and creative local government will be the trend for the '90s and beyond. Community leaders will be expected to step forward and take their turn by contributing their energy to the overall health of the community. In addition, people want to participate more actively in decisions affecting their lives. They want access to their leaders and expect results. The ability to build consensus on complex issues is crucial. I will bring visionary community planning in the context of regional development to the council. I will ensure the development of timely public facilities, including a regional transportation network and schools. I understand economic development and want the availability of housing for a diversity of population, while being sensitive to the impacts on the bay. I am an experienced professional and know how to listen and get things done. My background in the public and private sectors has prepared me for the challenge to lead Howard County.