QESTION:What issue inspired you to run for council and how would your presence on the council make a difference?

(1 seat)

Michael J. Deets (Republican)

Paul R. Farragut (Democrat)

Michael J. Deets (R)

5114 W. Running Brook Rd., Columbia

Age: 25

Research services manager for Judy Diamond Associates Inc.; elected to Columbia Council, 1990; elected to Wilde Lake Village Board, 1989; chairman of voter registration, Howard County Republican Party; officer, Abiding Savior Lutheran Church Council; played leadership role in citizens' initiative for councilmanic districting, 1983-85; Columbia resident since 1969; graduate of Wilde Lake High, 1983; BA in government and economics, College of William and Mary, 1986. A.

I am inspired to run for County Council by my desire to see the council offer creative solutions to problems, carefully scrutinize the executive's proposals and provide a forum for citizen input into local government. I have been disappointed by the council's relative inability to perform these important functions since my opponent's appointment by a party central committee to fill a vacancy. Since that time, the council has served as little more than a rubber stamp for the executive, and we have been deprived of the checks and balances necessary to ensure the quality locally we deserve. I understand Columbia. My mainstream views and efforts as a consensus-builder helped me win a seat on the Columbia Council after one term on the Wilde Lake Village Board. With more effective representation on the County Council, we can better plan our future in terms of managing growth, recycling, affordable housing and transportation.

Paul R. Farragut (D)

5160 Endymion La., Columbia

Age: 49


Member and vice chairman, Howard County Council; marketing specialist for Maryland Port Administration; chairman, Howard County Liquor Board; member, Baltimore Regional Council of Governments Patuxent River Commission, National Association of Counties Transportation Steering Committee, Patuxent River Commission and Baltimore Region Environmental Advisory Committee; former member, Columbia Council, Harper's Choice Village Board and Howard County Human Rights Commission; BS in economics, MS in community planning and resource economics, University of Rhode Island; married; two children. A.

What inspired me to run for the council is the complex of issues related to managing growth in our county: the development of effective growth-management tools that provide opportunities for affordable housing, improved roadways and public transportation systems, excellence in education, economic stability (jobs and taxes) and preservation of farmland and other open spaces -- all of this within a regional context. All of these issues are inextricably connected, and a balance among them must be forged to ensure the retention and enhancement of the quality of life for current and future Howard Countians. With my educational and professional background in community and environmental planning, economics and marketing, I believe I can continue to make a difference on the council by using the leadership roles entrusted to me by my council colleagues over the past 18 months for consensus building among the council, the administration and the community, and for comprehensive future-looking approaches to the serious tasks ahead.