TERM: 4 Years

SALARY: $44,603

QUESTION: What issue inspired you to run for council and how would your presence on the council make a difference?

(1 seat)

Larry Ronald Goff Sr. (Republican)

Anne MacKinnon (Democrat)

Larry Ronald Goff Sr. (R)

5814 Rittenhouse St., Riverdale

Age: 34

Assistant service manager, Northeast Ford; business training and management systems degree; graduate, Ford Motor Company Quality Care Professional School; decorated veteran U.S. Army, 1976-1983; member, 3rd U.S. Infantry "The Old Guard"; member, elite guard for the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier; escort to former presidents Carter and Reagan; vice president, Riverdale Heights/Crestwood Citizens Association; member, Prince George's County Republican Party; married; two children.

A: For too many years, the Democratic Party has dominated Prince George's government, their power structure reaching from county executive and County Council to many important offices in cities and towns. This one-party control of local government often has stifled creativity, slowed progress and made politicians less accountable to the people they're sworn to represent. I offer voters in District 3 (New Carrollton, Riverdale, Hyattsville and College Park) a choice to "change the culture of the institution" and a choice to correct the consequences of past wrong behavior. I believe there is overall disenchantment with the current seemingly invincible Democratic Party dominance in Prince George's County. Therefore, I believe that only a two-party system can prevent the continued crisis of confidence and to ensure that county officials know that there is an alternative to dishonest government. I am not a single-issue candidate. I want voters to view me as a whole candidate ready to look at the facts before a decision is made.

Anne MacKinnon (D)

6363 67th Ct., Riverdale

Age: 34


Member, Prince George's County Council; member, Maryland House of Delegates, 1987-90; chairman, Legislative Committee, Maryland General Assembly Women Legislators Caucus; member, Prince George's County Human Relations Commission, 1986; office staff, Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), 1981-84; VISTA volunteer, 1979; graduate, University of Maryland, 1978; board of directors, Prince George's Mental Health Association, 1983-86; board of directors, Prince George's Parks and Recreation Foundation, 1988-present.

A: There was a late-in-the-term vacancy in the County Council, and it had to be filled. After public hearings, I was selected by the Democratic Central Committee, and then voted in by the County Council. This selection was based on a review of my public record, with special emphasis on my work as a delegate in the Maryland General Assembly. With this by way of background, it must be noted that I am running as an incumbent with a full public record; there is no single issue involved in my candidacy. The emerging issue is concern with a possible economic downturn. Developments in this area will be watched. This, however, is still an evolving situation. For now, education remains as the single most important issue in Prince George's County. Progress has been made, and I would continue to give my support to the needs of quality education.