TERM: 4 Years

SALARY: $44,603

QUESTION: What issue inspired you to run for council and how would your presence on the council make a difference?

(1 seat)

Karen J. Crownover (Republican)

F. Kirwan Wineland (Democrat)

Karen J. Crownover (R)

12308 Piscataway Rd., Clinton

Age: 45

Free-lance paralegal, substitute teacher, Prince George's County; administrative council chairman, Faith United Methodist Church; past president, Piscataway Citizens Association, 1988-90; taught driver education, Prince George's County school system, 1976-77, 1982-present; president, Gwynn Park High School Band Boosters, 1966-67; helped establish citizen council at an American housing complex at Torrejon Air Force Base, Spain (vice president, two years); established a wives' club at Torrejon Air Base, worked with commander and first sergeant to coordinate activities, 1978-80; education: paraprofessional drivers education certificate; ongoing paralegal studies.

A: Issues: Lack of ethics and integrity from the present officials. Lack of representation for the people. Out-of-control development. As a County Council member, I would listen to and communicate with my constituents. Their needs should be first. I would look at all issues presented to the council honestly and without preconceived decisions. It seems that the present council owes its allegiance to a special group with lots of money. That would not be if I were chosen to represent the people. I would be as informed as possible on each item presented for my vote. I could be effective if the other members on the council represent the people. If they're bought by big business, then I would have an uphill battle.

F. Kirwan Wineland (D)

11007 Gates Dr., Fort Washington

Age: 31


Council member, 9th District, since 1986; member and past chairman, council's Fiscal Policy and Government Operations Committee; member, council's Housing and Economic Development Committee; member, State Transportation Oversight Committee, Council of Governments Committee on Noise Abatement at National and Dulles airports; director, Prince George's Urban Development Corp.; former special projects administrator, Prince George's County Housing Authority; member, citizens advisory board for Regional Institute for Children and Adolescents -- Southern Maryland, Upper Marlboro Development Committee, several civic organizations; native, Fort Washington; graduate, public schools and Washington College.

A: There are two basic reasons why I am running for reelection as the council member for the 9th District. First, I want to continue providing responsive service to my constituents. Since taking office in 1987, I have been contacted by more than 3,500 families and individuals who were seeking help from their government in one form or another. Second, I believe my service on the council these last four years has correctly reflected the needs and goals of my district. We have dealt in a positive manner with enhancements to our educational system; with improvements to transportation and other infrastructure needs; with responding to our citizens' health, safety and welfare, especially our elderly; with protecting our environment; and with effectively and efficiently managing our fiscal resources during changing economic times. We have accomplished much for our county, yet there is much to be done. I'm committed to continuing the effort as council member for the 9th District.