QUESTION:What issue inspired you to run for council and how would your presence on the council make a difference?

(1 seat)

Charles C. Feaga (Republican)

D. Susan Scheidt (Democrat)

Charles C. Feaga (R)

11305 Frederick Rd., Ellicott City

Age: 57


County Council member since 1986; partner, Beef & Grain Farm; sponsored CB-28 bicycle helmet legislation, CB-22 Howard County right to farm legislation, CB-35 legislation requiring notification of adjacent property owners before constructing water/sewer projects; past president, Howard County Farm Bureau and Howard County Republican {Committee}; past chairman, Howard County Election Board; past member, Howard County Charter Review Commission; civic association memberships: Glenelg PTSA, St. Louis Home School Association, Glenwood Lions, West Howard Civic Association, Cancer Society, Agricultural Land Preservation Criteria Comm{ittee}; educated at St. Louis Parochial School, Clarksville; graduate, Ellicott City High School. A.

There is no single issue that inspired me to run for County Council. As a lifelong resident of the county, I have been interested in all facets of county government. I have served on a variety of county boards and commissions. Issues that need immediate attention are solid waste disposal, careful monitoring of the county budget, continued support for our excellent educational system and implementation of growth management tools such as adequate public facilities and continuation of farmland preservation. I feel strongly that the County Council should maintain an independence from the county executive in order to be more responsive to citizens.

D. Susan Scheidt (D)

12730 Halls Shop Rd., Highland

Age: 50

Manager of Paternal Gift Farm, Highland; 42-year resident of Howard County; cum laude graduate of University of Maryland; MS, Johns Hopkins University; Howard Community College; teacher; president, Clarksville Middle School PTA; committee chairwoman, PTA Council; president, Howard County hospital auxiliary to Montgomery General Hospital, 1988-90; member, St. Mark's Church, Highland, vestry, Sunday School superintendent, senior youth group adviser and member of Capital Improvement Committee, 1990; member, TROT, Howard County Citizens Association and 5th District Democratic Club; married; three children. A.

The challenge of the 1990s in Howard County is growth management and planning. As a 42-year resident, I know firsthand the changes that have occurred, and I am running for office to implement a new pattern of growth. I believe our present three-acre pattern of growth is wasteful of our natural resources. It gives the homeowner "too much to mow and too little to plow." It gives little thought to community development. We need an approach that blends the open landscape in developments with the 30,000 acres of farmland preservation and our individual communities. We have a wonderful opportunity. In this instance, we can "eat our cake and have it too." People can build on a landscape without eating it away. I refuse to be overwhelmed by growth. Growth will be controlled by an objective, adequate public facilities legislation. Our communities will be enhanced by good planning.