TERM: 4 years

SALARY: $44,603

QUESTION: What issue inspired you to run for council and how would your presence on the council make a difference?

(1 seat)

Richard J. Castaldi (Democrat)

Theodore Henderson (Republican)

Richard J. Castaldi (D)

7906 Kara Ct., Greenbelt

Age: 46


Council member, Prince George's County Council, 1982-present; chairman, council planning and zoning committee, 1983-present; director and former chairman, Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, 1983-present; National Association of Counties transportation planning board, 1983-present; Greenbelt City Council (including one term as mayor), 1973-82; Outstanding Legislator of the Year, Prince George's County Municipal Association, 1985, 1987, 1990; Local Legislator of the Year, Maryland State Young Democrats, 1985; Greenbelt Lions Medal for Meritorious Service, 1988; Outstanding Young American, National Jaycees, 1977; member, Prince George's Art Council, Bowie Kiwanis, Sacred Heart Knights of Columbus.

A: In 1982, I decided to seek nomination to the Prince George's County Council for myriad reasons. Chief among these was a belief that my experience as an elected municipal official, coupled with 20 years' experience in planning and zoning, would enable me to deal effectively with the many challenges that faced the county in the 1980s. In retrospect, I feel I have represented the citizens of Prince George's County well. My leadership and intimate knowledge of county and municipal government has resulted in many legislative accomplishments. Among these are bills that have blocked new development unless funding is available for the services to support them; bills requiring builders to preserve portions of woodland in new development; and legislation that placed a moratorium on rezoning requests for areas undergoing Master Plan review. Further, during my term as chairman of the board of directors, Washington's Metro initiated the first newspaper recycling program of a mass transit property in North America.

Theodore Henderson (R)

8683 Greenbelt Rd., Greenbelt

Age: 48

Counseling psychologist; Prince George's County Black Republican Council; Republican National Committee; educator, pre-kindergarten through post-doctoral; Condominium Association; PhD, University of Missouri, Kansas City; MS and BS, education, Kansas State Teachers College.

A: I was inspired to run for the council by the cumulative effects of having to consistently respond to the stranglehold on this county by the incumbents that head the power structure that has eroded into a one-party dictatorship that is totally non-responsive to the will of the people. The issue of being put upon by the arrogant and self-aggrandizing incumbents with their fat-cat sycophants, particularly the developers and commissioner, I felt, had resulted in county governance that was more dictatorial than those being overthrown in Eastern Europe. The rewards for individual achievement and reponsibility for individual actions have been replaced by womb-to-tomb government-controlled (county and state) existence, all for the sake of being reelected. As a civic-minded, warm and caring, by profession trained in hearing, listening, response, formations and processing as a counseling psychologist, I deplore the deterioration of the citizens' rights and our nation's customs, which include government of, for and by the people.