(1 seat) Virginia P. Clagett (D) Ivy Neck Farm, Box 1, West River Age: 47 Incumbent

Chairman, Anne Arundel County Council; BA, Smith College, 1965; assistant reporter, Triangle Publications, 1966-68; family farm manager, 1968-82; legislative committee, Maryland Association of Counties; board member, Chesapeake Environmental Protection Association; member, Anne Arundel County Agricultural Preservation Advisory Committee; member, Baltimore Regional Council of Governments; member, American Business Woman's Association South River chapter; author of successful legislation to preserve agricultural land and forests with tax incentives, zoning and easement acquisition (county council bills 2-81, 49-89, 70-89, 89-89, 45-90, 46-90).

A. I first ran for the County Council in 1974 to control the growth coming to our area, to preserve farmland, and to be an environmental voice in county government. Controlling growth remains the most pressing issue, even after 16 years of progress in tighter agricultural zoning, reduction of residential density through comprehensive rezoning, and the toughest environmental standards in the state. The challenge continues for Anne Arundel County. We must accelerate our recycling program to all households, and continue to preserve open space, forests and agriculture through tax incentives, zoning and easement acquisition. With 431 miles of coastline, Anne Arundel County has an urgent need to enforce strictly the Critical Areas legislation and to continue to improve the water quality of the Patuxent River and all tributaries to the Bay. I would like to reinvest my 16 years' experience and continue our progress toward these goals. John J. Klocko III (R) 1769 Aberdeen Cir., Crofton Age: 33

Lawyer, Lancaster, Bland, Eisele & Herring; chairman, Anne Arundel County Council Eastern Bypass Task Force; founder and current president, Greater Crofton Council; founding director, Crofton Chamber of Commerce; organizational leader, Coalition for a Drug Free Crofton; member, South County Police Community Relations Council; member, Kiwanis; Eagle Scout; BS, University of Maryland, 1978; law degree, Cleveland State University; married to Karen Klocko; three children.

A. After years of excessive spending that is now breaking the backs of many Anne Arundel County taxpayers, the County Council last year approved for itself a disturbingly comfortable pension package. For me, it was the turning point. As a community leader, I have worked with our County Council on many issues, ranging from comprehensive rezoning to a study of the Eastern Bypass. It is my firm belief that Anne Arundel County deserves stronger, more aggressive and more creative leadership. First and foremost, to weather the current cycle of slower growth, our county must commit itself to fiscal responsibility. I support a cap on property tax increases; spending growth kept below inflation; and a repeal of the excessive pension plan. I would emphasize controlled, carefully planned growth; stricter enforcement of environmental codes; and greater attention to fundamental services -- education, police and fire protection.