(1 seat) Edward Charles Ahern Jr. (D) 2121 Poplar Ridge Rd., Pasadena Age: 51 Incumbent

Anne Arundel County Council member since 1974; vice chairman, Anne Arundel County Council, 1986-present; 1972 delegate, Democratic National Convention; Maryland State Jaycees Man of the Year, 1973; past director, North Arundel Hospital Board; member, Magothy River Association; honorary chief, Lake Shore Volunteer Fire Company; honorary member, Riviera Beach Volunteer Fire Company; associate member, Orchard Beach Volunteer Fire Department; citation from county executive for 10 years' service as a council member.

Actually, there are two primary issues that influenced my decision to run for reelection to the County Council: the protection of the environment and to continue to improve the quality of life in my county. I have learned from past experience that the preservation of open space, carefully controlled development and meaningful programs designed to protect our wildlife are just as important, and in fact, go hand in hand with our economic development. The real challenge has been standing up to those who would use up our resources now with no concern for the future. During my past service I have learned to cope with the problems of overdevelopment; I am now even better prepared to further ensure the orderly development of our county.

Carl G. Holland (R)

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