Term: 4 Years

Salary: $84,049

QUESTION: What is the top problem in your county and what is your strategy for dealing with it?

(1 seat)

Parris N. Glendening (Democrat)

Charles W. Sherren Jr. (Republican)

Parris N. Glendening (D)

6824 Pineway, University Park

Age: 48


Prince George's county executive, 1982-present; county council, 1974-82 (chairman, 1979-81); commissioner, Chesapeake Bay Critical Areas Commission, since 1984; first vice president, National Council of Elected County Executives; Professional Ethics Committee, American Society for Public Administration and American Association for the Advancement of Science; Maryland Associates of Counties; World Trade Center Institute; named 1990 Most Valuable Public Official by City and State publication; "Leader of Leaders Award"; Principals Association (1990); Maryland Advocate of the Year by Maryland Association of Retarded Citizens (1989).

A: The most pressing issue at hand in Prince George's County, as elsewhere, is the slowdown in the national and local economy. Our citizens must be provided with the quality of services they deserve, particularly in education, public safety and senior services, without sacrificing other essential services. The next 18 months will be challenging times as we seek to continue the tremendous progress in services and programs shaping Prince George's County while at the same time carefully managing increasingly limited financial resources. Working with our citizens, elected officials, department heads and labor leaders, we are implementing a comprehensive fiscal management plan, which will carry us through these times of austerity into times of prosperity. Prince George's County has become a national and state leader in education innovation, environmental protection and business development. Notwithstanding the economic slowdown, we would continue that progressive record of achievement.

Charles W. Sherren Jr. (R)

13209 Bermondsey Ct., Mitchellville

Age: 37

Vice president-director of real estate management, B.F. Saul Co.; board of directors, Southern Maryland Vocational Industries; president, Southern Prince George's County Republican Club; member, Catholic Legislative Network; member, Prince George's County Board of Trade; member, International Council of Shopping Centers; member, Property Management Association; member, Society for Real Property Administrators; former Prince George's County Republican precinct chairman, 1988 presidential election; former course coordinator and instructor, Building & Managers Association International; BS, business and finance, Mount St. Mary's College; real property administrator.

A: While there are many very important issues facing the county as we enter the 1990s, transportation, crime and taxes just to name a few, I believe the two most important issues facing Prince George's County today are the lack of strong leadership and the absence of integrity in the actions of the county government. We have seen this echoed in the papers all summer long. I would work hand in hand with the citizens to restore the integrity the citizens demand and provide the leadership the county needs. I would be a hands-on county executive, working to ensure the business of the county keeps moving and the needs of all the citizens are met, not just the interests of a chosen few. Aggressive, personal leadership, coupled with a deep respect for the county I grew up in, would ensure that the challenges confronting us in the 1990s are met and won.