Vote for one:

Harold Brazil (D)

R. Bradford McMahon (D.C. Statehood)

Harold Brazil (D)

1228 D St. NE

Age: 41

Self-employed lawyer; commissioner and budget chairman, D.C. General Hospital; assistant U.S. attorney for the District, 1978-80; counsel to Sen. John Glenn (D-Ohio), 1980-84; manager of government affairs, Potomac Electric Power Co., 1984-90; president, Washington Local Development Corp., 1988-90; board member, Washington Parent Group Fund, Library Theatre and Metropolitan Police Boys and Girls Club; chairman, YMCA Partnership with Youth 1990 campaign; member, American and National bar associations and Washington Urban League; U.S. Navy Aviation Reserve Officer Candidate program, 1968-70; LLM, Georgetown University Law Center, 1978.

A: I do not support an increase in city taxes. The cause of the District's mounting deficit is the way it spends the taxpayers' money. I am opposed to raising taxes before we change the way we, as a government, do business. To raise taxes commensurate with our current levels of spending could drive further waves of homeowners and employers out of the District. We owe it to our citizens, and a newly elected executive and legislative branch, to deal with the government's central problems first, namely the lack of effective procurement, personnel and administrative systems; and a bloated bureaucracy.

R. Bradford McMahon (DCS)

1245 Maryland Ave. NE

Age: 33

Part-time journalist/writer; part-time social casework aide; has been active in campaigns of Statehood Party candidates since moving to Washington as a college student 17 years ago.

A: For the first year of the new term of the incoming mayor and council, I would not support any increases in any District-levied taxes. The first responsibility of any public official is to spend the people's money wisely. Let's give the new mayor and council the chance to iron out the city's fiscal problems before we consider additional taxes.