QUESTION:How would you balance statewide interests with the specific neeeds of your constituents?

(1 seat)

James Douglas Morgan (Republican)

Virginia M. Thomas (Democrat)

James Douglas Morgan (R)

7363 Eden Brook Dr.

Age: 35

Programmer/analyst, Bell Atlantic, Network Services, Is-Financial; nominated to Who's Who in Computing, 1990; former director of a small consulting firm; 17-year computing career started by working as a programmer through school; member, Data Processing Management Association and American Management Association; more than nine years of federal government service. A.

My district's constituents have turned their interest to taxes and the way those taxes are spent. Taxes: Residents of Howard County know that with all of the growth that has taken place recently, their county is a major state tax revenue center ripe for the picking. They know that they are just one more county that may only get 30 or 40 cents on every dollar of state-collected county tax. Strong Howard County representatives are needed to maintain an equitable tax distribution. Spending: Spending the $400 million surplus down to a $150 million deficit is a reflection of the arrogance of power by a handful in Annapolis. This must be brought under control by turning state and county planning into a joint venture -- so that state expenditures can be predicted, and provided for, in future budgets. I advocate investing future budget surpluses as a hedge against unexpected expenditures and recession.

Virginia M. Thomas (D)

6153 Forty Winks Way, Columbia

Age: 49


Member, House of Delegates, 1983-present, deputy majority whip and member of Environmental Matters and Joint Health Care Cost Containment committees and Committee on Long-Term Care; sponsored successful legislation on statewide recycling, restrictions on smoking in public places, care for elderly and handicapped and treatment for alcohol and drug abuse; strong advocate in solving constituents' problems; named legislator of the year by physical therapist, optometrist and psychologist professional groups and cancer, heart and lung societies; member, Howard County Council, 1974-1982; bachelor's degree in secondary education, Fairleigh Dickinson University; master's degree, Rutgers University; psychiatric social worker; married; two children. A.

As my constituents know and have come to expect, one of my roles as their elected representative is to act as an ombudsman to help resolve problems constituents have with government agencies. I involve area residents on legislative issues, and I also work very hard to ensure that my constituents receive the services to which they are entitled. As a member of a statewide legislative body, I have an obligation to maintain the fiscal well-being of Maryland while seeing that the needs of all areas are met. Using education as an example, I see a legislator's role as protecting the right of each child in Maryland to receive a quality education, regardless of where he or she lives. I take seriously my legislative responsibilities, as on environmental issues, in which both Howard County and state residents will benefit from my emphasis on legislation that will improve and protect the environment.