Term: To fill unexpired term through Dec. 31, 1991

Salary: $18,000

QUESTION: What is the most important issue facing your voters and what will you do about it if elected?


(1 seat)

Howard P. Smith (Democrat)

H. Roger Zurn Jr. (Republican)

Howard P. Smith (D)

303 East Tazewell Rd.

Age: 59

Loudoun County Board of Supervisors, 1989-1990; retired from Defense Mapping Agency in 1986; 35 years' experience as a cartographer and program manager; served in U.S. Air Force 1951-55 (Korea); bachelor of arts, Columbia University, 1956; resident of Northern Virginia since 1956 and Loudoun County since 1985; married, two children; four grandchildren; member: VFW, the Sterling Foundation, National Association of Retired Federal Employees, American Association of Retired Persons, Association of Mapping Seniors, Virginia Association of County Officials, Virginia Municipal League, Bypass Alternatives Review Committee.

A. The major issue facing Loudoun County voters this year and in the foreseeable future is the rational and responsible management of growth. I have and would continue to encourage growth at a level maintaining the economic vitality of our community, attracting commerce and industry to the county, providing jobs and revenue for our tax base, and assuring funding to provide community services and improve the infrastructure. Unless we act to relieve traffic congestion and provide for public safety and services, we face economic stagnation. Our children need quality education commensurate with their capabilities, and job and housing opportunities in their own community. Our historical heritage, environment and quality of life must be preserved, and our residential tax bill must be maintained at its present relatively low level. I am committed to continuing my efforts on the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors to provide leadership to achieve these critically important goals.

H. Roger Zurn Jr. (R)

405 Gary Ct.

Age: 35

Chairman, Loudoun County Affordable Housing Advisory Committee; board member, Foundation for Adequate Housing for Loudoun County; board member, Sterling Silverfest; coach, Lower Loudoun Little League; volunteer, Loudoun Homeless Shelter; graduate, University of Maryland, major, family counseling; member, Loudoun Chamber of Commerce, Loudoun County Republican Committee.

A. The most important issue facing Loudoun County voters is managing development. The current Board of Supervisors has haphazardly allowed rezoning without a clear understanding of the impact on the roads, school system, open space, or the general public's well-being. The urban sprawl that is resulting is detrimental to allowing mass transportation, roads that are not congested, schools that can maintain a low teacher-to-pupil ratio, and to the taxes of the average homeowner. I believe it is essential that a comprehensive plan for the entire county be made the highest priority. There must be limitations on where development can take place based on infrastructure, impact to the local vicinity, and sufficient proffers to offset the costs to the county. Developers in Loudoun have been able to win most of their court actions as a result of the inconsistencies of the board's approval methods. A sound comprehensive plan that is followed would help to better manage growth and would be upheld by the courts.