Term: 4 Years

Salary: $90,705

QUESTION: What would you do specifically to deal with the District's budget crisis? List three programs you would cut or streamline and tell how you would raise additional revenue.

Faith (I)

1629 Columbia Rd. NW

Age: 51

Free-lance performing artist; cultural coordinator; movie and television actress; choreographer; painter and musician; attended Columbia and New York universities; introduced as a citizen three bills in the U.S. Virgin Islands that were passed (the building of a cultural center in St. Croix, the building of a cultural center in St. Thomas and legislation to establish a council of the arts); initiated free performing arts outreach programs in Watts (Los Angeles), Harlem and East Village (New York), Miami, the U.S. Virgin Islands and other major cities.

A: To merely eliminate three of the District's programs would only be a "Band-Aid" remedy and not a permanent solution to our city's current financial crisis. By converting council and commissioner positions to prestigious voluntary posts that would be representative of the city's diverse ethnic populations, we can diminish the fiscal crisis. The whole system can be examined and restructured through extensive public broadcasting, where the voters, through a "hot-line," will have the opportunity to evaluate the District government and offer suggestions for reform. Considerable taxes should be levied on alcohol and tobacco products for additional revenue. I have developed a "STARS WAR" project, where television and movie stars have volunteered to teach their performing arts skills in local cultural and community centers and other government-owned buildings. They would also help develop and perform in television series and feature films created by community groups to be sold to major networks and film distributors, where the government earns revenue. The D.C. government would actually take the part of producer with grants accrued from the private sector. At the same time, local cultural-ethnic art groups will teach their respective skills and disciplines to the public -- through this inter-ethnic study program, which would not only produce viable vocational programs and form a basis for therapy in drug prevention programs, but also eradicate the ethnic polarization so flagrant in the District.