Term: 4 Years

Salary: $90,705

QUESTION: What would you do specifically to deal with the District's budget crisis? List three programs you would cut or streamline and tell how you would raise additional revenue.

Alvin C. Frost (DCS)

7141 7th St. NW

Age: 43

Management consultant, writer and poet, Amaranth Concepts & Formulations, 1973-present; senior cash management analyst, D.C. government, 1982-86; senior management analyst, Unified Industries, 1979-80; senior analyst, General Research Corp., 1978-79; associate, Roy Littlejohn Associates, 1973-77; MBA, corporate management, Harvard Business School, 1974; BS, industrial management (finance, economics), University of Lowell, 1971; member, secretary, Hillcrest Children's Center, board of directors, 1988-91; member, recorder, D.C. Statehood Party, central committee, 1987-91; officer, Harvard Business School Club, Washington, 1981-85; grand jury deputy foreman, D.C. Superior Court, 1976; nominated for John F. Kennedy Library Foundation "Profiles in Courage Award," 1990.

My financial priorities are: eliminate sole-source city contracting and have contracts competitively bid; aggressively pursue delinquent tax/accounts receivables for collection ; aggressively pursue program applications for available federal grants; implement comprehensive make-or-buy decision processes for necessary supplies/equipment; initiate cost-effective decisions for District buildings and facilities; assess office and commercial buildings accurately and increase their tax rate; establish a hiring freeze for non-essential personnel and/or positions; drastically reduce D.C. government payrolls and develop an incentive early-out retirement program for excess employees. The three D.C. programs that I would streamline are: employment, contracting and office/facilities leasing for savings ranging from $110 million in the first year to $320 million in the fifth year. The District employs 48,000 individuals at an annual cost of about $1.5 billion. One in every six employees/positions should be eliminated for savings over the next five years of $50 million to $250 million annually. The District contracts for $1 billion in goods and services annually, of which $500 million is let sole source. The District leases at higher rates office buildings and facilities that could be leased and/or purchased at lower rates, or leased to the U.S. government at nominal rates; $10 million to 20 milllion could be saved annually. I would raise additional revenue by: collecting all taxes on a timely and efficient basis; adjust the fee structure of city services to reflect costs; increase the tax rate on office and commercial buildings; increase federal grant income; lobby for a more equitable federal payment; and achieve D.C. Statehood.