Term: 4 years

Salary: $27,000

QUESTION: How would you balance statewide interests with the specific needs of your constituents?


(3 seats) Douglas Arnold (R) 8011 Warton Ct., Pasadena Age: 23

Advertising representative, Capital-Gazette Newspapers; studied at Anne Arundel Community College; cum laude BS, business and political science, Indiana Wesleyan University, 1989; intern, Del. Juanita D. Miller (D-Prince George's), 1987 legislative session; co-coordinator, George Bush campaign at Indiana Wesleyan University; volunteer, Del. John R. Leopold (R-Anne Arundel) and Bob Neall, Congress, 1986; member, Oakwood Wesleyan Church; Chesapeake Bay Foundation; Anne Arundel County Young Republicans; candidate, Anne Arundel County Central Republican Committee District 31; single.

A: If elected, my responsibility will be to represent the views of the people in my district. Issues such as taxes, crime, education funding and transportation are statewide issues that greatly affect residents of northeastern Anne Arundel County. I believe that the interests of both my constituents and statewide residents will benefit from increased attention to these areas. For example, crime is a serious problem statewide. I believe that we must take a tough stand and that criminals should be held responsible for their actions. No longer should convicted criminals, such as . . . a parolee who murdered three people over Labor Day weekend, receive time off for good behavior. If a person is convicted of a crime, that person should pay the penalty for that crime. So I believe that attention to statewide issues will be of benefit to all residents of Maryland. Joan Cadden (D) 111 Cedar Hill Rd., Brooklyn Park Age: 49

Cosmetologist, owner and manager, Joan's Beauty Cellar; married with four children; member, Anne Arundel County Board of Education, 1983-88; vice president, 1986-88; member, local advisory council on vocational education, 1984-90; chairman, 1989-90; commissioner, Anne Arundel County Commission for Women, 1989-90; legislative chairman, Anne Arundel County Council of PTAs, 1988-90; vice president, Greater Brooklyn Park Council, 1989-90; secretary and public relations chairman for sheltered workshop, 1989-90; member, education committee, North Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce, 1990; board of directors, Maryland Hall for Creative Arts, 1984-88.

A. Most actions taken to improve Maryland are economical, educational, environmental, health and safety for all citizens. On the rare occasion a measure seems harmful to my district, I will seek a compromise or work to defeat it. Should I disagree with some of my constituents about the impact of a statewide action or their welfare, I will explain my reasons and how the action will benefit them and the state as a whole. Then I will listen to their views with an open mind. Every effort will be made to understand the true position of the majority of my consitituents on an issue. When I know their wishes, I will vote accordingly. It is my duty to represent them. W. Ray Huff (D) 9309 Fort Smallwood Rd., Pasadena Age: 55 Incumbent

Insurance broker, W. Ray Huff and Associates Inc.; member, House Constitutional and Administrative Law Committee; chairman, Commission to Save the Lighthouses; member, Southern Legislative Conference Committee on Justice, Public Safety and Consumer Affairs; member, Lighthouse Preservation Society, Ploughman and Fisherman of Anne Arundel County and Maryland Waste Coalition; member, Democratic clubs in the 31st District, American Legion, VFW, Elks, Anne Arundel Optimists, Northern Anne Arundel Chamber of Commerce, Shriners and Pasadena Business Association; past president of two PTAs; first secretary-treasurer of the Anne Arundel Housing Authority.

A. Taxes: Support legislation changing tax formula on houses people have lived in some time; institute a sales tax (with limitations) exempting people according to income, i.e. no tax first $300 a person spends for maintaining a home with less than $10,000 income, $200 exemption with $15,000 income, $100 with $20,000 income and $50 exemption with $25,000 income. Growth and environment: State should set up priorities for counties telling them they must keep X number of green space and that it should be spread out in order to keep environment safe. Every county should have the right to choose where and what space would be available. Education: Due to different cost structures throughout the state, I do not believe every county should collect the same amount of money per pupil. It costs more to do things in some areas of the state than others. This does not mean the quality of education should differ. Evelyn O. Kampmeyer (R) 86 Robinson Landing Rd., Severna Park Age: 58

Educational consultant, Kampmeyer Associates; retired public high school principal; BL, Rutgers; MA, Rider College; former doctoral candidate in educational administration, University of Pennsylvania; Phi Delta Kappa; former board member, Anne Arundel County Department of Social Services; legislative chairman, Republican Women of Anne Arundel County; performed fiscal analysis for Republican leadership, House of Delegates; coordinated a school and community drug prevention program; member, Severna Park Kares, drug and alcohol prevention program; designed school improvement programs for quality education; commendation, Governor's Commission on Human Relations; married; three children; four grandchildren.

A. The needs of my legislative district can be balanced with the needs of the state through creative planning. A major part of the selling process of better ideas must be done for the community to accept ideas that are beneficial to the majority of the people within the state. A balance must be found between business and the environment, the needs of senior citizens on fixed incomes and spending for education, business interests versus labor and the seafood industry versus pollution, etc. I like to use two negotiating strategies to resolve these conflicts. The first strategy has decision-making with everyone winning. The second strategy provides compromise with partial victories for each side or delayed victory for both sides. Charles W. Kolodziejski (D) 168 Carvel Beach Rd., Baltimore Age: 62 Incumbent

Retired production supervisor, FMC Corp., Baltimore; past president (six terms), Stoney Creek Democratic Club; chairman, Anne Arundel County Central Committee; vice chairman, Anne Arundel County Delegation, 1989; member, local emergency planning committee; life member, VFW Post 2462; member, House of Delegates, 1983-present; member, Economic Matters Committee; St. Frances Church; Clearwater Beach Improvement Association; five children, nine grandchildren; married to Georgia for 41 years.

A. In most cases, the interests of my constituency and that of the state, in general, are synonymous. In the few instances where they may conflict, such as environmental issues and moral issues, I will, as their representative, attempt to present the majority of their view before the General Assembly. I view the government as a republic and believe that it is my duty to reflect their feelings before the body to which I have been elected. James J. Riley (R) 162 Dundee Rd., Severna Park Age: 55

Retired teacher; past chairman, Marylanders Against Gambling Machines; past vice president, Riverdale on the Magothy Association; past school board member, Martin Spalding High School; saluted by Channel 13 for efforts in public education; attended Baltimore City College, 1955; BS, Towson State University, 1959; master's degree in education, University of Maryland, 1964.

A. As a representative to the General Assembly, you have a direct responsibility to your constituents, those who elected you to office, but you must also weigh or balance this obligation as it relates to the general welfare and well-being of our state as a whole. There will come times when you must bite the bullet and vote against the particular interests of your district because the interests of the state as a whole take greater precedence.