Term: 4 Years

Salary: $27,000

QUESTION: How would you balance statewide interests with the specific needs of your constituents?


(1 seat)

Donald B. Elliot (Republican)

William D. Henley Sr. (Democrat)

Donald B. Elliott (R)

204 Lambert Ave., New Windsor

Age: 59


Member of House of Delegates since 1987, member, Environmental Matters Committee; member, Governor's Task Force on Solid Waste Management, 1988, and Governor's Task Force on Indoor Air Quality, 1989; attended Baltimore County public schools; bachelor's degree, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, 1957; attended St. Johns University for study in pharmaceutical chemistry; served in U.S. Navy, hospital corpsman 2nd class, Navy Hospital Corps, 1951-55, lieutenant, 1959-63, and Naval Reserve, 1963-71. A.

For the most part, statewide interests that are of major concern to my constituents are the same concerns on the minds of the electorate in general. Certainly the fiscal soundness of our government, low taxes, a pollution-free environment and affordable housing, health care and automobile insurance are among the issues that all the citizenry would like to see addressed by the General Assembly. William D. Henley Sr. (D) 12 Park Ave., Mount Airy Age: 72

Retired businessman; lifelong resident of Mount Airy; married to the former Martha M. Stull of Howard County, parents of four children, all graduates of the University of Maryland at College Park; writer of newspaper articles; artist, painting in oil; enrolled in college courses for several years; served more than four years in U.S. Army, the infantry, regime fought in four European campaigns and was awarded decorated with the Bronze Star Medal; member of the local veterans organizations.

On environmental issues, I feel that my constituents are intellectually aware and sensitive to major environmental concerns as exhibited by the recycling and other community programs. As for abortion, I have stated that I am pro-choice, as I believe the majority of my constituents and people of the state are. Drugs and day and elder care must be addressed by state and local governments, the communities and industries together. My opinion on taxes is to include more check-off contributions on the tax form; give people the option with the understanding that it will go back to the person's county. There is considerable consternation over the state superintendent's recommendations for education reform. Paying more money for longer days and longer school years will not improve the poor student's performance. The object should be to improve the performance of all the students, not just the knowledge of the dedicated students.