Term: 4 Years

Salary: $27,000

QUESTION: How would you balance statewide interests with the specific needs of your constituents?


(1 seat)

Thomas R. Falcinelli (Republican)

Ida G. Ruben (Democrat)

Thomas R. Falcinelli (R)

12405 Mylott St., Silver Spring

Age: 55

Self-employed lawyer engaged in preparation and presentation of cases before local, state and federal courts and agencies since 1963; graduate of University of Notre Dame and Georgetown University Law Center; married to Mary Lou for 32 years; five children; a resident of District 20 since 1962; former public school teacher and insurance claims representative; former chairman of legal aid committee, Montgomery County Bar Association; former member of ethics committee, Prince George's County Bar Associaton; former officer, Calverton Citizens Association and Calverton Recreation Council; volunteer for Heart Fund and Cancer Fund.

A. Only citizens of two states pay more taxes than we do. Only two counties of the 3,300-plus counties in the United States pay higher property taxes. Montgomery County citizens receive less than 40 cents for every dollar sent to Annapolis, but Baltimore City receives $1.81 and Prince George's County receives $1 for each dollar sent. Election and campaign finance laws favor incumbents, foster voter apathy and discourage citizen participation. Environmental and transportation concerns common to all citizens are fraught with bureaucratic jealousy and internal dissension between agencies. Unrestricted abortion funding increases welfare and health insurance costs. Educational dollars are not spent wisely, although each state senator has authority to grant more than $200,000 in college scholarship awards. Weak enforcement of existing motor vehicle laws and regulations has caused auto insurance premiums to escalate, and ours arenow seventh highest in the nation. Maryland faces a budget deficit unless your voting habits change.

Ida G. Ruben (D)

11 Schlindler Ct., Silver Spring

Age: 61


Senator, Maryland General Assembly, 1986-present; member, House of Delegates, 1974-82; chairman, Montgomery County Senate Delegation, 1988-present; member, Senate Budget and Taxation Committee; chairman, Montgomery County House Delegation, 1981-86; first woman to chair major delegation in Maryland's history; chairman, Women Legislators' Caucus, 1982-84; chosen area's "Most Effective Public Official" by Silver Spring Record survey; received AAA Potomac award for successful "Cover Those Trucks!" legislation; married; four children.

A. Many of my priorities, if reelected, would be of benefit to the entire state. Specifically, I would work to protect a woman's right to choose a safe and legal abortion, preserve our environment for future generations, and continue fighting for improved highway safety, in addition to many other priorities. As a senator from Montgomery County, as well as chairman of the Montgomery County Senate delegation, I feel I have an obligation to fight for local concerns. If reelected, I would continue to work to ensure that sufficient funds are returned to Montgomery County for schools, roads and the many other infrastructures necessary to maintain the county's high quality of living. When the Linowes Commission's proposal is presented to the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee, of which I am a member, I would resist any suggestions that would have a harmful impact on Montgomery County.