(1 seat)

Edward J. Kasemeyer (Democrat)

Christopher J. McCabe (Republican)

Term: 4 years

Salary: $27,000

QUESTION: How would you balance statewide interests with the specific needs of your constituents?

Edward J. Kasemeyer (D)

2590 Pfefferkorn Rd., West Friendship

Age: 45


Mortgage banker, Mercantile Mortgage Corp.; member, Maryland Senate, 1986-present, House of Delegates, 1982-86; chairman, Howard County Democratic Central Committee, 1978-82; past president, Howard County Chamber of Commerce; board member, Friends of Olney Theater; community advisory board member, Howard County General Hospital; member, Olney Chamber of Commerce and Rotary; manager, Howard County Youth Program; BA in political science, Western Maryland College, 1967; married; four children.

A. I believe legislative initiatives must be sensitive to the needs and concerns of all sections of the state. We must guard against parochialism. If legislators are concerned with only their districts, and ignore others' needs, then the commitment to protect the fiscal integrity of the state and provide for its citizens will crumble. I represent Howard and Montgomery counties. My district is facing pressing issues relative to the balance between economic growth and environmental protection. These issues are not unique to my area but are of concern in several parts of the state. While land use and planning has historically and appropriately been the authority of local government, the state can play an important role in encouraging regional coordination. Likewise, areas of rapid growth are experiencing a need for increased aid for school and road construction. Economically disadvantaged areas also require special assistance. . . . I prefer that special grant assistance be provided for specified needs.

Christopher J. McCabe (R)

4736 Hallowed Stream, Ellicott City

Age: 34

Development officer, Johns Hopkins Hospital and School of Medicine, finance chairman, 1989; member, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Howard County; citizens advisory committee, Hands of Shared Time, Montgomery General Hospital, 1989-90; budget chairman and member, Howard County Board of Education citizens advisory board, 1987-88; vice chairman, Howard Countians for Councilmanic Districts, 1984; member, Howard County Foster Care Review Board, 1982-86; graduate, Howard County Leadership, 1989; treasurer and member, Howard County Republican State Central Committee, 1984-86; candidate, state senate District 14; received 46 percent of the vote, 1986; BBA, University of Notre Dame, 1978; MBA, Fairleigh Dickinson University, 1980; married, expecting first child.

A. Maryland residents deserve representatives who can tackle problems before they become unmanageable. By working toward effective solutions to local problems today, we could save countless dollars tomorrow. For example, I intend to work with state officials to create incentives for new recycling ventures that would help my jurisdiction achieve state waste reduction goals. By acting quickly now, we can avoid the heavy costs (both economic and environmental) of expanding landfills and increased incineration. In Howard and Montgomery counties, congested roads and overcrowded schools are local priorities. The costs of solving these problems escalate when the special interests of certain groups delay necessary action. By being a bridge between competing interests, I could help achieve cost-effective local solutions. Expenditures used wisely at this level allow the state to further support those Maryland areas most in need, thereby maintaining the delicate balance between constituent needs and statewide interests.