Term: 4 years

Salary: $27,000

QUESTION: How would you balance statewide interests with the specific needs of your constituents?


(1 seat) Philip C. Jimeno (D) 5915 Manor House Lane, Baltimore Age: 43 Incumbent

State senator, 1985-present; self-employed State Farm Insurance agent; chairman, Anne Arundel County senate delegation; Legislator of Year, State's Attorneys Association, 1986; member, Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee and Joint Committee on Administrative, Executive and Legislative Review; member, House of Delegates, 1979-85; former member, House Appropriations Committee; vice chairman, Anne Arundel County House delegation, 1982, 1985; former chairman, Anne Arundel County Delegation Subcommittee on School Board Selection Process; former chairman, Anne Arundel County Transportation Advisory Committee; former president, Greater Brooklyn Park Council; former chairman, Board of Arundel Improvement Association.

A: Inherent in your question is the recognition that a legislator has two distinct obligations in performing the single task of representing citizens, one to those at large and the other to those citizens whom he directly represents as constituents. In balancing statewide versus district or constituent interests, I do not base it upon the "latest poll" but rather what my independent judgment tells me is the best public policy. My constituents receive the best help possible for individual problems with state and local offices, but my legislative policy decisions are based upon what I feel best protects both interests. John Leopold (R) 8626 Houlton Harbour, Pasadena Age: 47

Member, Maryland House of Delegates, 1983-present; Hawaii state senator, 1974-78; Hawaii state representative, 1970-74; 1977-79, member, National Advisory Council for the Education of Disadvantaged Children, appointed by president Gerald R. Ford, 1977-79; appointed by former Gov. governor Harry Hughes to two terms on the State Public Education Accountability Task Force; appointed in 1988 by U.S. Secretary of Transportation James H. Burnley IV to a two-year term on the National Motor Carrier Advisory Committee; member, Anne Arundel County Public Schools At-Risk Advisory Committee.

A: During my 16 years of service as a state legislator, in both Hawaii and Maryland, statewide interests have generally paralleled the needs of my constituents. Whenever there have been conflicts between competing statewide and constituent interests, I have sought to effect compromise amendments or other concessions, wherever practicable.