Term: 4 Years

Salary: $27,000

QUESTION: How would you balance statewide interests with the specific needs of your constituents?


(1 seat)

Patricia R. Sher (Democrat) is unopposed

Patricia R. Sher (D)

1916 Rookwood Rd., Silver Spring

Age: 59

Member of House of Delegates since 1979; deputy majority leader, 1989-present, deputy majority whip, 1986-89, and member of Economic Matters Committee and Special Committee on Alcohol and Drug Abuse; floor leader of House Pro-Choice since 1984; board member, American Jewish Congress; former chairman, Fire Gas Toxicity, National Legislative Task Force; former member, Public Safety Committee, Washington Metropolitan Area Council of Governments; BS, University of Maryland, 1984; married; four children.

A. I have not yet found statewide interests and specific needs of constituents to be in conflict. Polls have consistently shown that the people in District 18 care most about a good education for all children in Maryland and protecting the Chesapeake Bay; and they are willing to pay more taxes to accomplish these goals. They also realize Baltimore City is the cultural and financial center of the state and that it is poor and needs our help. A conflict may come with the Linowes Commission's recommendations on taxes. A more progressive income tax sounds good but would harm Montgomery County too much and may tend to discourage economic development. The only answer to this non-question is that I would use my best judgment based on the legislation, the information available and the needs of each. That, to me, is the job description of a state legislator.