Term: 4 years

Salary: $27,000

QUESTION: How would you balance statewide interests with the specific needs of your constituents?


(1 seat) John A. Cade (R) 78 Riverside Dr., Severna Park Age: 61 Incumbent

Senate minority leader, 1983-present, and self-employed real estate and management consultant; Senate minority whip, 1982-83; member of Legislative Policy Committee (management subcommittee), Senate Rules Committee, Senate Budget Taxation Committee, Senate Facilities Committee; Senate president's representative to Maryland Historical Trust; vice chairman, Special Standing Committee on the Savings & Loan Industry, 1986 session; elected to state Senate, 1974; elected in special election to Anne Arundel County Council (second councilmanic district), January 1965, reelected, 1966-70; served in Marine Corps, 1946-48, 1950-51; married; five children.

A: I have always tried to sift through the testimony and the debate to determine the position that is in the balanced-best interests of all of the people of Maryland. It has been my experience that what is in the general public interest is usually also beneficial to my constitutents. In those rare instances where the particular, parochial interests of my constituents may not coincide with those of the general public, I try to integrate and harmonize them. Failing that, decisions must be made on a case-by-case basis, using my own experience, judgment and conscience as a guide.