Term: 4 Years

Salary: $27,000

QUESTION: How would you balance statewide interests with the specific needs of your constituents?


(1 seat)

Idamae T. Garrott (D)

13115 Estelle Rd., Wheaton

Age: 73


Elected to Maryland Senate in 1986; member, Economic and Environmental Affairs Committee, Joint Committee on Federal Relations, Early Childhood Development Council and Council for Handicapped Individuals; member, House of Delegates, 1979-87; member, Montgomery County Council, 1966-74, president, 1971; former president, League of Women Voters and Humane Society; summa cum laude graduate, Western Maryland College, and honorary doctor of laws; married; two children; two grandchildren.

A. In 1984, I voted for Critical Areas legislation to help clean up and protect the Chesapeake Bay. I have voted for subsequent legislation to include Montgomery County as a Critical Area, even though some Montgomery County residents were against it, because I believe the whole state must help solve bay pollution. In many fields, I believe the state should set standards, such as for recycling, below which counties cannot drop, but these usually should not preempt standards of local governments. State floors should not become state ceilings. We need to nourish home rule, while meeting the needs of all counties. The state must be sure that each student receives a good education and should give financial aid to ensure that objective, but counties should be able to go beyond that basic "good" education. The formula should be fair; the present one is not. Maryland should not provide 100 percent funding; local school boards must remain important.

Herbert S. Rosenberg (R)

4225 Peartree Lane, Silver Spring

Age: 69

Self-employed sales representative; retired Army Command sergeant-major; owner of family-operated restaurant; Americanism chairman of American Legion post, 1982-present, and past commander of Maryland and D.C. Legion posts; member, Wheaton VFW; officer and past chancellor, Fraternal Knights of Pythias; commander, Whiteoak Unit, Maryland State Volunteer Defense Force; member, Simon Weisenthal Center; former vice president, Washington Civil Affairs Association; former PTA officer; married 47 years; four daughters; nine grandchildren; county resident for 35 years; attended Northeastern and Boston universities.

A. As senator, I would attempt to dispel the perception that Montgomery County is aloof from and has no concern for the rest of the state's problems. I would visit other senators throughout the year to learn of their problems and those similar to ours, and would force alliances so we could meet and cope with these problems together. My district is as involved as the people of Salisbury, Waldorf and Cumberland are in the problems of crime and drugs, homelessness, white-collar unemployment, soaring health costs, the degeneration of family life, possible recession and war. I would be an effective counterfoil to the rest of the delegation from Montgomery, who can only offer more of the tired same. I have sound ideas for progressive programs and concepts to carry out my pledge: "To the best of my ability, to seek and maintain a good quality of life for all peoples."