Term: 2 Years

Salary: $96,600

QUESTION: What is the most important issue facing your voters and what will you do about it if elected?


(1 seat)

D. French Slaughter Jr. (Republican)

David M. Smith (Democrat)

D. French Slaughter Jr. (R)

P.O. Box 1001, Culpeper

Age: 65


Member, U.S. House of Representatives, 7th District, 1985-present; Virginia House of Delegates, 1958-78; former rector, University of Virginia; former president, University of Virginia Alumni Association; attended Virginia Military Institute; combat veteran, European Theater, World War II, received Purple Heart, Bronze Star; sponsored legislation that led to the creation of Virginia Community College system; lawyer; member, House Judiciary Committee; Small Business Committee; Science, Space and Technology Committee; member, Little Fork Episcopal Church, Culpeper; widower; two children.

A. The most important issues facing the nation are balancing the federal budget, getting the deficit under control and keeping America's defense forces strong to protect our vital interests at home and abroad. If reelected, I would continue to vigorously support a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution, a line-item veto for the president and elimination of wasteful government spending. I would also continue to support a viable national defense. Other issues that concern me are more affordable health care for Americans, particularly long-term care for the elderly; protecting the Social Security and Medicare trust funds; working to promote recycling and environmental protection as well as the preservation of our historical heritage; and supporting the small businesses of America, which are the backbone of our economy. I am opposed to more tax increases on already overtaxed Americans.

David M. Smith (D)

308 S. Braddock St., Winchester

Age: 34

President, Crystalite Solar Marketing Group; pastor, Greenwood and Carpers Valley Charge (United Methodist), Winchester; member, Foundation Board of Lord Fairfax Community College; member, Winchester Chamber of Commerce; active in Virginia politics including campaigns of Sen. Charles S. Robb and Attorney General Mary Sue Terry; licensed private pilot; member, Civil Air Patrol; master of divinity, Eastern Mennonite Seminary; bachelor of business management, Shenandoah College.

A. We must change the congressional budget process, including introducing zero-based budgeting and changing the congressional bookkeeping system. Only then can we re-prioritize and fairly allocate the limited resources of the federal government. I oppose balancing the budget on the backs of 33 million elderly and disabled Medicare recipients. We have no national energy policy and must enact one that emphasizes conservation and the development of new fuel alternatives. I am a pro-choice candidate, and would support legislation to codify Roe v. Wade. I support stiff penalties for those involved in the S&L scandal, and a commission to examine the role of Congress, regulators and thrift executives in this scandal. We must commit ourselves to quality education in order to regain our competitive edge in the international marketplace. Finally, I believe that we must introduce congressional accountability into the 7th District. Service in the Congress is a privilege, not a right or lifetime appointment.