Here is where the three candidates for Montgomery County executive -- Democratic nominee Neal Potter, Republican candidate Albert Ceccone and write-in candidate Sidney Kramer -- stand on the various issues:

TAXES Potter: Argues that the burden on property taxes must be eased but that new, fairer revenue sources must be found to protect county services. Has supported new tax on employee parking spaces, new development tax, increased gasoline tax and higher auto registration fees. Ceccone: Opposes any new taxes. Kramer: Opposes any new taxes.

TAX LIMITATION MEASURES Potter: Favors compromise ballot question that would require seven of nine County Council members to approve any increase in property tax revenues above the rate of inflation. Opposes all other measures. Ceccone: Generally supports measures to limit property tax increases. Kramer: Opposes all questions on the ballot that would limit property tax increases.

TROLLEY Potter: Thinks trolley between Bethesda and Silver Spring will be needed in the future but is not an immediate priority. Wants to use state funds promised for the project for county's other transportation needs. Would support immediate construction of trolley if funds not available to county for other projects. Ceccone: Opposes trolley. Kramer: Favors construction of trolley with money promised by the state.

GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT Potter: Believes executive has too much power in the planning area and favors a transfer of some responsibilities back to County Council. Says county has stimulated too many jobs and not enough housing and that county roads and schools are overtaxed. Proposes reductions in executive's planning staff and in county office of economic development. Ceccone: Supports limiting new housing developments in outlying parts of county but thinks commercial development should continue. Would reduce executive's planning staff. Kramer: Believes executive's role in the planning process is proper. Endorses current process of tying the pace of development to the provision of adequate public facilities.

TRASH DISPOSAL Potter: Favors increased recycling goals and supports further study of Travilah quarry as a landfill site to replace planned incinerator. Ceccone: Opposes use of Travilah quarry as a landfill and backs planned incinerator and landfill for Dickerson. Favors a smaller burner and higher recycling goals. Kramer: Opposes Travilah for a landfill. Supports incinerator and landfill planned for Dickerson.