A guard at Maryland's Patuxent Institution in Jessup shot and killed a fellow guard and then shot himself to death yesterday, state corrections officials said.

Lt. Eugene Kenneth Davis, 37, of Severn, apparently checked out a .38-caliber handgun from an arsenal at the prison, then shot Lt. Vivian Zina Anderson, 38, of Severn, in the head, corrections spokesman Greg Shipley said.

Davis then shot himself in the head, Shipley said.

The incident took place near the intersection of two hallways shortly after the change of shifts, as Anderson was departing and Davis was arriving, Shipley said.

Two other guards were at the far end of one hallway and another was around the corner when the shooting took place.

"An officer heard Lieutenant Anderson scream and heard the shots," Shipley said.

No inmates were nearby, and no one else was injured, he said. Both guards were pronounced dead at the scene.

State police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident, and could not immediately supply a motive, Shipley said.

The two guards had separate addresses in Severn, he said.

Guards at the institution do not routinely carry weapons on duty, he said, and police are investigating how Davis acquired the handgun.

Davis had worked at the prison for nine years, and Anderson for 10, Shipley said.