Two Alexandria sheriff's deputies were arrested in the District early yesterday morning and charged in connection with an assault and robbery of two prostitutes with whom they allegedly had sex, D.C. police and court documents said.

Anthony Baker, 35, a three-year member of the Sheriff's Department, and Leonard Hall, 27, a deputy since May 1989, were arrested about 3:30 a.m. in the 1200 block of 12th Street NW. They were released yesterday on their own recognizance.

Baker was charged with assault with intent to rob and Hall with robbery using force and violence, police said.

A spokesman for the Alexandria Sheriff's Department said the two men, both of whom are detention officers in the city jail, were suspended without pay. The department also is beginning an internal investigation, the spokesman said.

Documents filed in Superior Court allege that Hall, Baker and a witness the papers did not identify picked up the two women in the 1000 block of 13th Street NW "for the purposes of sexual solicitation." The women were then driven to an alley in the rear of the 1200 block of 12th Street NW, the documents said.

Hall and Baker began having sex with the women, the court documents said, but at some point, one of the men -- the document does not specify which -- allegedly demanded his money back.

The woman refused and got out of the car, and the deputy followed her, grabbed her and knocked her to the ground, the documents said. The man is then alleged to have kicked her and struck her with his fists.

The court documents said the other deputy went through the woman's purse and took $6. As he did so, they said, the second woman began running, and the man she had been with chased her and knocked her unconscious.

That woman was taken to George Washington Hospital, where she was treated and released, the court documents said.

Two District police officers said in the court documents that when they arrived at the scene, the first woman was screaming for help and the second was unconscious on the ground.

Baker and Hall appeared before D.C. Superior Court Commissioner Earl E. Shamwell Jr., who ordered them released and told them to return for an initial court hearing on Nov. 21.

Neither man would comment after the hearing.