Washington is one of four cities where the government will test a job-sharing program designed to match federal workers who want to work part time with federal agencies that are willing to take on two part-timers to handle a 40-hour per week job.

The Office of Personnel Management says the government now has about 50,000 permanent part-time workers. But only a few of them are in formal job-sharing arrangements. Most of the 360,000 federal workers here are full-time employees.

If it works, the program could be a blessing for goverment couples with similar jobs in cases where each person wants to spend more time away from work. Fringe benefits would be pro-rated.

Under the test program, the OPM will put information on individuals interested in job-sharing into a data bank. Federal agencies will be able to tap into it by telephone. Employees also will be able to get listings of job-sharing opportunities by phone or fax machine. The program also will be tested in Boston, Chicago and Los Angeles. For local information, call 202-606-2700. Work Relations

The Office of Personnel Management plans a symposium on employee and labor relations Dec. 4 to 7 at Baltimore's Omni Hotel. Speakers will include OPM Director Constance B. Newman, American Federation of Government Employees President John Sturdivant, Jessica Parks of the Merit Systems Protection Board and the Federal Labor Relations Authority's Pamela Talkin. Call 202-632-5636 on Monday. Work at Home

Social Security chief Gwendolyn S. King, recovering at home from back surgery, has what has to be the world's biggest work-at-home assignment. The Social Security Administration has installed a fax machine at King's Washington home so she can read and sign documents during her recuperation. Meetings

Assistant Secretary of Defense Robert B. Barker will speak at the Nov. 14 luncheon of the Federal Executive Institute Alumni Association at Fort McNair. Tickets are $14. Call 202-828-1985.

Robert Strauss, former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, will give the keynote address at the Nov. 20 symposium of the American Association for Budget and Program Analysis. Robert Reischauer, director of the Congressional Budget Office, is the luncheon speaker. The symposium on "The National Fiscal Mess" will be held at the Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown. Tickets are $165 for non-members and $125 for members. Call 703-941-4300. Job Mart

The Department of Transportation needs a supervisory librarian, GM (merit pay) 13. Contact John Sutherland at 202-366-9386. Retirees Meet

The Wheaton-Glenmont chapter of the National Association of Retired Federal Employees has scheduled a special investment program for its 1 p.m. Friday meeting at the Wheaton Regional Library. Call 202-649-2672.