Nowadays, George Mason University law school bustles with the sound of two-pound tort books being snapped open and shut. But once upon a time, the law school building on North Fairfax Drive in Arlington was a Kann's department store. And for the last few years, two administrators have occupied what used to be the ladies' lingerie department on the second floor.

They are Mandy Euen and Carole Lyons, the registrar and assistant registrar, respectively. But now they can put a new title on the door: Champs.

Mandy and Carole have just captured our October neologism contest, with one of our best winning coinages ever. They came up with it the way so many officemate entrants do: By batting around ideas during those little slices of dead time that we all bump into now and then.

The October challenge was:

Your 16-year-old son has just gotten his driver's license. He has never before driven the family car without his mother or father beside him. But now, the law says he can, so your son asks for the keys. As he disappears over the horizon, the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach is called . . . .

The winning entry: Indygestion.

I received the same entry, but several days later, from Marvin J. Ginsburg, of Arlington, Richard G. Gillcrist, of Rockville, and Steven L. Payne, of Fort Meade, Md. A speedier trip to the mailbox next time, please, you three.

Our winners were not only wonderful enough to capture first prize; they were also wonderful enough to donate the cost of their free lunch to my annual Children's Hospital campaign. A check is already on the way. To Carole and Mandy, many thanks for such generosity, and congratulations.

This month's near-misses were an unusually worthy collection, too. They were:

Engina: John J. Crowley.

Tripidation: Donna Soderholm, of Springfield, then a whole bunch of imitators.

Driverticulitis: Bobbie Sandrin, of Derwood, Md., then another cast of thousands.

Youth-in-Nausea: Sally Harris, of New Carrollton, and Adam Chase, of Bethesda.

Prayerenthood: Rosemary K. Brandus, of Rockville.

Fright of Passage: Patsy Koehler, of Silver Spring, Neil Shawen, of Falls Church, and Claire Wynn, of Sterling.

Mal de Mere: Harold C. Cannon, of Annandale.

Son-Downer: Walter G. Leight, of Bethesda.

Dad Nauseam: Jeff and Cele Covel, of Arlington.

Keysiness: Grace M. Stabler, of Avenue, Md.

Appre-motherhen-sion: Shirley E. Berry, of Silver Hill.

Putt-putterflies: Joyce Brengle, of Wheaton.

Four-on-the-floorboding: Lisa Jirousek, of Springfield.

Oldsmobiliousness: Robert Sutton, of Marshall, Va.

Praymonition: Huston Simmons, of Northwest Washington.

Geicoma: Leonard Greenberg, of Reston.

Vroomination: Former champion Charles L. Vlcek, of Bowie.

Lisontiousness: Alberta Schlesinger, of Fredericksburg.

Son-ambulism: Valentina J. Jackson, of Bladensburg.

Far-fear-nugen: The team of Sandy Jurkiewicz and Ginny Corcoran.

Dyspopseeya: Valentina Jackson again and William Dunlop, of Takoma Park.

Mr. Gutwrench: Chuck Vlcek again and Norbert Kockler, of Alexandria.

Nightmheir: D.S. Snyder, of Bowie.

Moonlight Sonauto: Nancy McDowell, of Northwest Washington.

Sonyonara: Jean Cottrill, of Bladensburg.

Gear and Loathing: Lisa Bogert, of Annapolis.

Melancaria: Nancy Garrett, of Burke.

Teendenytis: Doug Fuller, of Fairfax Station.

Verd-he-go: Jay H. Boyar, of Silver Spring.

The Mercedes Bends: James Khatcheressian, of Springfield.

Premon-ignition: Frances Gouled, of Bethesda.

Convolvolutions: Ellen Harland, of Falls Church.

Indoubtgestion: Sheila Ratliffe, of Alexandria.

And Tire Straits: Susan Herschkowitz, of Northwest Washington.

Excellent work! Which only means it's time for more of same. Here's the November challenge:

What do you call the flash that a photocopying machine makes?

First prize is our usual: a free lunch, at a restaurant of the winner's choice, in or near Washington. The real Levey (not a photocopy) will be on hand.

Rules: You may enter as often as you like, on one piece of paper or many. Each entry must bear a daytime and an evening phone number, including an area code. All entries become my property. Entries will not be accepted by phone or returned. In case of duplicate entries, the one I receive earliest wins.

Please mail entries to Bob Levey, The Washington Post, Washington, D.C. 20071. Entries for the November contest must be received by Nov. 30.