A Montgomery County state legislator was at a party at a home in Hyattsville Thursday night when Prince George's police drug raiders burst in, confiscated $7,000 worth of cocaine and made one arrest, sources said yesterday.

The legislator, Del. Dana Lee Dembrow (D), 37, was not charged with any offense. He acknowledged last night that he and his wife, Suzette, were present at what he described as "just a birthday party" when the house in the 6700 block of Raydale Road was raided about 10:30 p.m. He also complained of mistreatment by the officers.

He had been invited, Dembrow said, by a retired police officer. He declined to identify the officer.

The party was to observe the birthday of a man named Johnny, whose last name he did not know, Dembrow said.

There were no illegal activities going on, he said, adding: "We were watching MTV, drinking beers and joking around" when the police arrived.

Dembrow said he filed a complaint with Prince George's police, alleging that an officer struck him, causing a facial wound that required three stitches; that his wife was verbally abused; and his yellow Corvette was scratched, causing $800 damage.

Police said last night that the complaint was being investigated.

Dembrow, who was elected without opposition Tuesday to a third term representing the southeastern Montgomery 20th District, said he did not know Henry William Katz, a resident of the house who was charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute it.

Sources said nine people were in the house when it was raided and that 36.6 grams of cocaine that were confiscated were found hidden in the residence.

Dembrow, interviewed at his apartment in White Oak last night, said: "I think I'm hanging out with the wrong crowd. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time."