A Montgomery County state legislator who was at a Prince George's house when it was raided by police searching for drugs has released copies of laboratory tests showing that he tested negative for drugs and alcohol three hours after the incident.

Del. Dana Lee Dembrow, his wife, Suzette, and seven other people were at a birthday party Thursday night in Hyattsville when Prince George's police burst in. Police said they confiscated 36.6 grams of cocaine and made one arrest.

Dembrow, who was not charged in the incident, has alleged that police struck him, slandered his wife and vandalized his car. His complaint is being investigated by the police department's internal affairs division.

"I haven't been charged with anything. I was present when someone was arrested. That's it," Dembrow said.

Dembrow, 37, a Silver Spring area Democrat elected to a third term last week, had been at a meeting of the Montgomery County delegation in Rockville until 9:50 p.m., according to other legislators who attended the meeting. Dembrow said he drove to the party in the 6700 block of Raydale Road to meet his wife, and that he had been there for five minutes when the police burst in at about 10:30 p.m.

Dembrow said he was struck by a police officer, and after he was questioned and released, he went to Leland Memorial Hospital, where he received three stitches.

It was at the hospital, Dembrow said, that he voluntarily underwent a blood test and urinalysis.

Dembrow released copies of the report, which said he tested negative for a variety of drugs, including cocaine and amphetamines, and that he tested negative for alcohol. The tests were taken at 1:30 a.m.

Dembrow called the incident embarrassing and damaging, but he said it could have happened to anyone. He said he and his friends had no way of knowing whether there were drugs at the house where the party was held.

Dembrow said he didn't know Henry William Katz, a resident of the house who was charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute. Dembrow said he had been invited to the party by a retired police officer.

The retired police officer, who asked that he not be identified, said the party was a group effort and that it was decided at the last minute to hold it in Hyattsville.