The following were among actions taken at Tuesday's meeting of the Prince George's County Council. For more information, call 952-5182.

ETHICS BILLS -- The council enacted a package of ethics bills introduced at the request of County Executive Parris Glendening that would establish guidelines for land transactions involving county surplus property.

The bills would forbid council enactment of emergency legislation to approve land purchases and would require public hearings and a full review by the county Board of Ethics before approval of any land transactions involving elected officials or their relatives.

Under the proposed law, procudures also would be established governing the waiver, abatement, adjustment or deferral of county fees, charges or taxes to a potential buyer of county land.

TAXI FARE SURCHARGE -- In a 7-0 vote, the council approved emergency legislation authorizing the county taxicab board, under a fuel cost emergency, to add 50 cents to cab fares under $10 and $1 to fares exceeding $10.

The legislation becomes effective in 45 days and expires at the end of a year, unless specially extended by the council.

Passengers who are blind, confined to wheelchairs, or 60 years of age and over, are exempt from the law.

COUNTY COUNCIL BUDGET -- The council also announced it will reduce its current $4.9 million County Council budget by 8 percent, or nearly $400,000, in response to Glendening's recent remarks that the county is facing a $49.9 million deficit in this fiscal year's $1 billion budget.

To reduce the council budget, council members said they plan to eliminate two unspecified staff positions by layoffs and not fill seven vacant or soon to be vacant positions.