The following were among actions taken at Tuesday's meeting of the Montgomery County Council. For more information, call 217-7900.

RECYCLED PAPER -- The council approved legislation recommending that at least 40 percent of the county's paper purchases consist of recycled paper.

While the bill does not set a starting date for the new buying practice, it asks each county office to determine what recycled paper products are available, practical and cost efficient for its own needs.

The legislation stipulates that the purchasing price of recycled paper must not be more than 10 percent higher than the price of a comparable non-recycled product.

Currently, County Council offices are testing many kinds of recycled paper to decide which products would meet the bill's intent and still be sufficiently attractive and suited to photocopying machines.

COUNTY ARBORIST -- The council kept alive a proposal to establish an Office of County Arborist to help manage the planting and conservation of trees.

Introduced in March, 1989, by council member Rose Crenca, who lost her reelection bid in the September primary, the bill calls for the proposed new office to conduct a survey of the county's trees, plant and maintain trees on county property, assume control over gypsy moth spraying and manage a county nursery. Many of maintenance and planting duties described in the bill are now performed by the county Department of Transportation.

Crenca urged immediate passage of the bill, which would have expired next Tuesday, but other council members questioned spending $75,000 to establish the new office at this time, citing the county's grim economic outlook.

Instead, council members voted to extend the bill for another year, to show their continued interest in the bill.

Crenca, serving in her next-to-last council meeting, abstained from the vote in a self-described protest. She said she believed that if the office did not receive funding now, it would not receive it next year.