The Nov. 15 District Weekly reported that the Chevy Chase Advisory Neighborhood Commission had asked the D.C. Office of Campaign Finance to investigate whether two candidates had received more than the $25 limit in campaign contributions from a single source. Although the letter was signed by two ANC commissioners, it was not an official ANC action. (Published 11/22/90)

While last week's election brought a slew of new faces to the city's top elected offices, most incumbents in the race for the District's 323 advisory neighborhood commission posts coasted to easy victory with only token opposition at the polls.

Preliminary results released by the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics showed that 176 of the 188 current commissioners who ran for another term won in the Nov. 6 elections. About 130 had no real opposition.

Absentee and write-in votes were still being tallied at press time. And because 42 ANC posts had no candidates except write-ins, even preliminary results for those races were not available.

In a few cases, some slim margins appeared to have ousted incumbents: On Capitol Hill, Cecile Shure lost by 16 votes to Jonathan Jones; in Anacostia, Clifton D. Chambers lost by 31 votes to Donna X Crews.

Races between newcomers were sometimes even closer: At press time, Francis Boyd Reilly and Denis Zegar, both newcomers in ANC 6B on Capitol Hill, were tied. Election officials said that if the tie held after write-in and absentee votes were counted, they would have the men draw slips of paper from a hat.

"I've often thought about having them wrestle, but that would be unseemly," said Joe Baxter, registrar of voters. "The law says it has to be done by lottery."

In Brookland, the election may have spawned a second generation of political aspirants: New commissioner Angie L. Corley is the daughter of Ward 5 school board representative Angie K. Corley; victorious incumbent Harry "Tommy" Thomas Jr. is the son of Ward 5 D.C. Council member Harry Thomas Sr.; and winning incumbent Deidre W. Spaulding is the daughter of former Ward 5 council member William R. Spaulding.

In Chevy Chase, the election generated controversy: Some activists are trying to prevent two candidates from squeezing ahead when absentee and write-in ballots are counted.

The ANC has requested that the D.C. Office of Campaign Finance investigate whether Mary K. Johnston and James Connelly received more than the $25 limit in in-kind contributions from restaurateur Jeffrey Gildenhorn, who has sparred with the ANC over several liquor licenses.

Both Johnston, who works part time in one of Gildenhorn's restaurants, and Connelly, who said he occasionally does electrical work for him, said they had done nothing wrong.

"What kind of funding are they talking about?" asked Johnston, 23, who said she campaigned with $250 of her own money. "I know the rules as well as anybody else."

In Foggy Bottom, Citizens for a Responsive 2A said it is "time to start healing." The group had campaigned to replace all but one current commissioner, but failed to unseat Chairman Charles E. Clapp.

In Petworth, William "Butch" Burns, 47, lost by 16 votes to Joan M. Thomas, a commissioner of ANC 4D since 1976.

Burns complained, and Thomas acknowledged, that election results may have been skewed because some voters were given ballots for the wrong neighborhood. Making matters worse, some voters were confused because a woman named Joanne E. Thomas also was running in that neighborhood, she said.

In Adams-Morgan, where the 10-member ANC has championed restrictions on new restaurants and liquor license, a group of business owners endorsed six candidates, all but one of them incumbents. Five were elected.

In Washington Highlands in Southeast, Robert L. Yeldell was reelected despite allegations that he embezzled $9,000 from the ANC. Yeldell has said he used the money to pay teenagers to clean the ANC office over a four-year period.

This is a preliminary list of winners of Advisory Neighborhood Commission seats in the District.


ANC 1A (10 seats): Maurice Jackson (1A01); Antonio "Tony" Montes (1A02); Elizabeth McIntire (1A03); Mack A. James (1A04); Tedd Miller (1A05); Shelore C. Williams (1A06); John Kerr (1A07); Benjamin Peasant (1A08); Chandler R. Clary (1A09); Rosalie Foster (1A10).

ANC 1B (13 Seats): Muriel L. Martin (1B01); Stanley J. Mayes (1B02); M.A. Doll Fitzgerald (1B03); W. Norman Wood Jr. (1B04), Lawrence T. Guyot Jr. (1B05); Theresa F. Brown (1B07); No Candidate (1B07); No Candidate (1B08); Phyliss Stewart Thompson (1B09); Catherine Hammonds (1B10); Mary Treadwell (1B11); J. Tony Jones (1B12); Reese W. James II (1B13).

ANC 1C (10 Seats): Virginia M. Johnson (1C01); Grace Malakoff (1C02); James P. Crane (1C03); Barbara A. Helmick (1C04); Peter Schott (1C05); John Jones (1C06); Edward G. Jackson Sr. (1C07); David A. Rossi (1C08); Ruth M. Long (1C09); W. "Bill" Arrington Jr. (1C10).

ANC 1D (2 Seats): Judith R. Brunton (1D01); C. "Breck" Arrington Jr. (1D02).

ANC 1E (5 Seats): Ken Fealing (1E01); Clifton Williams (1E02); Judy Fredette (1E03); Alice Kelly (1E04); Stanley Allen (1E05). WARD 2

ANC 2A (6 Seats): Jean E. Swift (2A01); Charles L. Clapp (2A02); Maria Tyler (2A03); Robb Austin (2A04); Edward Kelly (2A05); Sara Maddux (2A06).

ANC 2B (7 Seats): Edward S. Grandis (2B01); Doreen Moses (2B02); Alaire Bretz Rieffel (2B03); Dennis E. Gaugler (2B04); Dennis Bass (2B05); Pamela Taylor (2B06); Jack Evans (2B07).

ANC 2C (16 Seats): Joseph Sternlieb (2C01); Bob Ebel (2C02); Jim Brandon (2C03); John J. Fanning Jr. (2C04); Daniel "Danny" McDowney (2C05); Merle L. Sykes (2C06); Leroy Joseph Thorpe Jr. (2C07); No Candidate (2C08); Doris L. Brooks (2C09); William R. Speaks (2C10); Earnest C. Williams (2C11); Lawrence L. Thomas (2C12); Alverta H. Munlyn (2C13); Tyrone Tate (2C14); Mozella Boyd-White (2C15); Clifford W. Waddy (2C16).

ANC 2D (8 Seats): Willie Lloyd Reeves (2D01); Charles W. Hargrave (2D02); Reva M. Brown (2B03); No Candidate (2D04); Linda "Le" S. Eckles (2D05); Loretta L. Reeves (2D06); No Candidate (2D07); No Candidate (2D08).

ANC 2E (6 Seats): Westy McDermid (2E01); Grace Bateman (2E02); Kara Kent (2E03); Jill L. Goodrich-Mahoney (2E04); William McGreevey (2E05); Myrna Firestone (2E06). WARD 3

ANC 3B (6 Seats): Barbara A. Hamer (3B01); Ron Fried (3B02); Sandy Panchak (3B03); No Candidate (3B04); Frederick H. Fleming (3B05); Dianne Sawaya-Barnes (3B06).

ANC 3C (9 Seats): Cheryl Ann Opacinch (3C01); Robert "Sam" Sampson (3C02); John A. Jenkins (3C03); Roger Burns (3C04); Laurie Handlers (3C05); Phil Mendelson (3C06); Patricia Wamsley (3C07); Rosalyn Doggett (3C08); Peter Espenschied (3C09).

ANC 3D (6 Seats): Marion Guggenheim (3D01); No Candidate (3D02); Ann F. Heuer (3D03); Joseph D. Murphy (3D04); Daniel Carroll Cross (3D05); Joyce U. Waid (3D06).

ANC 3E (5 Seats): Diane Sheahan (3E01); Stephen J. Raiche (3E02); Jim Curtin (3E03); Mary Grumbine (3E04); Paul Strauss (3E05).

ANC 3F (6 Seats): Stephen "Pat" Belcher (3F01); James "Jay" A. Larson Jr. (3F02); Joe Moran (3F03); No Candidate (3F04); Donald E. Polk (3F05); Charles R. Braun (3F06).

ANC 3G (7 Seats): Byron J. Grayson Sr. (3G01); Robert A. Diamond (3G02); Anne M. Renshaw (3G03); Allen E. Beach (3G04); Marty Wrin (3G05); Jeffrey Norman (3G06); Marilyn Holmes (3G07). WARD 4

ANC 4A (8 Seats): Rudy G. Jackson (4A01); Ronald S. Flowers (4A02); No Candidate (4A03); Betty E. Malone (4A04); Judith A. Anderson (4A05); Lloyd L. Williams (4A06); Larry L. Chatman (4A07); John C. Eason Jr. (4A08).

ANC 4B (12 Seats): Ralston C. Mathews (4B01); Anthony Muhammad (4B02); Katie R. Crawley (4B03); No Candidate (4B04); Charlie L. Glenn (4B05); Maurice Alexander (4B06); Susie J. Carpenter (4B07); Vannie Taylor III (4B08); Beverlye C. Neal (4B09); Alice W. Gilmore (4B10); Amanda Amy Hatcher Lyon (4B11); Edna S. Southerland (4B12).

ANC 4C (8 Seats): Taalib-Din Ugdah (4C01); Geneva "Ruby" Jones (4C02); Lillian Cooper-Wiggins (4C03); No Candidate (4C04); No Candidate (4C05); Denise Spencer (4C06); No Candidate (4C07); Joanne E. Thomas, (4C08).

ANC 4D (13 Seats): Barbara A. Young (4D01); Blanch A. Bradley (4D02); Grace Littlejohn (4D03); Lorenzo "Larry" Allen (4D04); Agnes A. Johnson (4D05); Geraldine P. Chisley (4D06); Alfred E. Mundy (4D07); No Candidate (4D08); Mary C.D. Smith (4D09); Joan M. Thomas (4D10); Christopher E. Byrd (4D11); Susan Emerson (4D12); Robert Clayton Cooper (4D13). WARD 5

ANC 5A (15 Seats): James W. Johnson (5A01); Clayton L. Butler (5A02); Joseph L. Bowser Jr.; (5A03); R. "Ray Dickey" Dickey Sr. (5A04); Joyce C. Saucier (5A05); Harry "Tommy" Thomas Jr. (5A06); Mary Baird Currie (5A07); Joanne E. Boxley (5A08); Brian K. Flowers (5A09); Angie L. Corley (5A10); Eugene R. Washington (5A11); Deirdre W. Spaulding (5A12); Lester M. Austin (5A13); Mozelle Ellis Watkins (5A14); Robert "Bob" King (5A15).

ANC 5B (14 Seats): Enez W. Martin (5B01); Altha R. Elliott (5B02); Bernice Lewis (5B03); J.R. Richardson (5B04); Mark A. Jones (5B05); Jo A. Williams-Delaney (5B06); George A. Boyd (5B07); MaryRose Chappelle (5B08); Doris V. Johnson (5B09); No Candidate (5B10); James Booze (5B11); Elaine T. Bush (5B12); No Candidate (5B13); No Candidate (5B14).

ANC 5C (13 Seats): James D. Berry Jr. (5C01); MaryAnn Wilmer (5C02); Florence Pendleton (5C03); Richard "Rick" Sowell Jr. (5C04); Mary Barbour (5C05); No Candidate (5C06); Daniel "Danny" Robinson (5C07); Caroline E. Wills (5C08); Jessie L. Kelsey (5C09); Lelia F. Peterbark (5C10); Virginia L. Matthews (5C11); No Candidate (5C12); Fletcher Gregory (5C13). WARD 6

ANC 6A (14 Seats): Herb Harris (6A01); Irving Hinton (6A02); Mary E. Jackson (6A03); Bill Hayden (6A04); Craig K. Lisk (6A05); Ernest Postell Sr. (6A06); Barbara M. Murphy (6A07); Rosalie S. Johnson (6A08); Diana E. Offen (6A09); Al Horowitz (6A10); Virginia W. Gaddis (6A11); Carolyn P. Serfass (6A12); Scott Price (6A13); Robert E. Donaldson (6A14).

ANC 6B (12 Seats): No Candidate (6B01); Karen Walker (6B02); Dion Johnson (6B03); James "Jamie" Platt (6B04); Jonathon Jones (6B05); F. Boyd Reilly or Denis Zegar (tie) (6B06); Allean Cole Brown (6B07); E.B. "Engram" Washington (6B08); Wilbert "Will" Hill (6B09); Thelma R. Harvey (6B10); Brenda Billops (6B11); Gabriel Thy (6B12).

ANC 6C (12 Seats): Julius Ware II (6C01); Joseph E. Johnson (6C02); Otis Williams (6C03); Donna X Crews (6C04); Robert "Robbie" Adams (6C05); Ernest Darling (6C06); Oliver "OJ" Johnson (6C07); Carolyn Johns Gray (6C08); L. Yvonne "L.Y." Moore (6C09); Luis Zapata (6C10); No Candidate (6C11); Jacqueline B. Shillings (6C12). WARD 7

ANC 7A (5 Seats): Kimi Gray (7A01); Herman B. Greene (7A02); Rita Jackson (7A03); Roberta Jones (7A04); George Gurley (7A05).

ANC 7B (8 Seats): John E. McClain Jr. (7B01); Herbert A. Boyd Jr. (7B02); Doris Fields Beagle (7B03); Bill O'Field (7B04); Belva T. Simmons (7B05); William J. Hickey (7B06); Vincent M. Spaulding (7B07); No Candidate (7B08).

ANC 7C (8 Seats): Lawrence E. Perry (7C01); Samuel F. Bost (7C02); Eva M. Jones (7C03); Linda Y. Fisher (7C04); Shirley M. Sterling (7C05); No Candidate (7C06); Jerry Lee Benson Sr. (7C07); Mary L. Gaffney (7C08).

ANC 7D (7 Seats): Natalie Cecelia Greene (7D01); Jeffrey M. Ford (7D02); James Parks (7D03); James F. Onley Sr. (7D04); No Candidate (7D05); No Candidate (7D06); Catherine A. Woods (7D07).

ANC 7E (9 Seats): Veronica J. Wade (7E01); Josephine P. Samuels (7E02); Minnie C. Robinson (7E03); Mary D. Jackson (7E04); Pauline T. Ward (7E05); I. Delores "Auntie" Walters (7E06); Charles C. White (7E07); Helen M. Hasty (7E08); Benjamin Earl Thomas Sr. (7E09).

ANC 7F (5 Seats): Constance Thompson (7F01); Karen N. Settles (7F02); Isabelle B. Smith (7F03); Martharene Smarr (7F04); Ted Howard Sr. (7F05). WARD 8

ANC 8A (7 Seats): Dorothea Ferrell (8A01); Alfonso "Al" Freeman (8A02); Randolph C. Scott (8A03); Letitia R. Hackett (8A04); Hannah M. Hawkins (8A05); Albert Antony Pearsall (8A06); Lewis C. Ecker II (8A07).

ANC 8B (8 seats): No Candidate (8B01); No Candidate (8B02); William J. Cauley (8B03); No Candidate (8B04); No Candidate (8B05); No Candidate (8B06); No Candidate (8B07); No Candidate (8B08).

ANC 8C (7 Seats): Newton "Big Newt" Smith (8C01); William O. Lockridge (8C02); Alethea W. Campbell (8C03); Mary J. Cuthbert (8C04); Margi R. Jenkins (8C05); No Candidate (8C06); No Candidate (8C07).

ANC 8D (8 Seats): C. "Connie" Mobley (8D01); James Edward Bunn (8D02); No Candidate (8D03); No Candidate (8D04); Moses J. Smith (8D05); No Candidate (8D06); O.V. Johnson (8D07); No Candidate (8D08).

ANC 8E (8 Seats): No Candidate (8E01); Absalom Jordan (8E02); No Candidate (8E03); No Candidate (8E04); Muriel Chambers (8E05); Phyllis D. Knight (8E06); Dorothy Ensley (8E07); Robert L. Yeldell (8E08).