We who care about Glen Echo Park were delighted with James M. Thresher's photos of the new neon signs {Maryland Weekly, Nov. 1 and Metro 2, Oct. 26}. How wonderful that artists have contributed their time and talents to revitalizing this fascinating park.

In the picture of the "Cuddle Up" sign, the exposed framing in the ceiling of a pavilion is visible. Work on the ceiling is part of an ongoing reconstruction effort of another dedicated corps of volunteers. For many years, significant restoration efforts have been undertaken by regular users of the park, notably the Folklore Society of Greater Washington, which holds its Washington Folk Festival at the park; the Greater Washington Ceili Club, which puts on the Irish Festival; members of the Glen Echo Park Foundation and many other artists; and cooperating organizations.

The National Park Service, while investing heavily in reconstruction of the parking lot destroyed in the 1989 flood, has only a limited budget for maintainance of the old buildings, so volunteers have stepped in to fill the need. The individuals whose skills and strong backs have helped prevent the deterioration of the Cuddle Up, the Spanish Ballroom, the Bumper Car Pavilion and other park structures have received no compensation other than the satisfaction of keeping the spaces available and attractive for future festivals and countless other public events.

NANCY KING Kensington

The writer is a member of the coordinating committee for the Washington Folk Festival.