The following were among actions taken at the Nov. 8 meeting of the Prince George's County Board of Education. For more information, call 952-6005.

HIGH SCHOOL LUNCHES -- The board agreed to explore alternative sources of lunches for the county's high schools. The board said it will look at the possibility of contracting with Marriott Corp. to prepare and deliver lunches, which currently are prepared in 20 of the county's 40 high schools and then delivered to all of the sites. Students have long complained about the quality of the current lunch menus.

School officials have said that if high school lunches are prepared and delivered by a private company, school system food-service employees would be transferred to other jobs in the system with no change in salary or senority.

County Council member Sue Mills attended the meeting and spoke out against the proposal, which she said would result in the "wasting away of jobs."

BUSING STUDY -- The board also voted to study the schools' busing system to see if some students are being transported unnecessarily far from their homes. The study, part of a regular five-year examination of student busing, will consider whether some children could be transferred to schools closer to their homes, as long as court-ordered desegregation guidelines, which require each school to have no fewer than 10 percent and no more than 80 percent minority students, are not affected.

MID-YEAR TRANSFERS -- The board approved an emergency resolution that allows 20 ninth-grade students who transferred to Roosevelt High School in Greenbelt for short-term band classes to complete their academic year at Roosevelt. The transfer students were scheduled to return Nov. 9 to their original school, Bladensburg High School, because it recently instituted its own band program. About 100 ninth graders transferred this year to other schools to take full-year courses; they also will remain at their transfer schools for the school year.

Transfer students in other grades will still be required to return to their original schools once they have completed a given course or as soon as their home school offers the same course. Board member Marcy Canavan introduced the resolution to alleviate the confusion that a mid-year change may cause for ninth graders as they make the transition from middle school to high school.

STUDENT ASSAULTS -- Three Suitland High School students told board members that they were afraid to attend school because they have been harassed and physically assaulted by other students.

The three girls, all of whom are white, said their tormenters are black and blamed the incidents on racial tension at Suitland. The students asked the board to place additional hall monitors and teachers in school hallways and institute mandatory cultural awareness classes in which students could learn more about cultural backgrounds other their own. The board agreed to consider the suggestions.