City of Falls Church

The following was among actions taken at the Nov. 6 meeting of the Falls Church School Board. For more information, call 241-7648.

GEORGE MASON RENOVATION -- At a public hearing, 10 George Mason teachers, parents and students spoke in favor of the proposed $15.1 million in renovations and additions to George Mason Junior/Senior High School -- including $2.3 million in improvements not previously proposed.

The proposal allocates funds for construction of new high school science labs, an auxiliary gym, dining room and kitchen, bathrooms and expansion of the middle school.

The plans also call for renovation of the existing auditorium, gym and exterior improvements including a new roof and window replacements. Site improvements like a fire lane with hydrants, additional parking spaces, landscaping, lighting and storm and sanitary sewers are also planned.

Last June, the City Council approved $12.8 million for the project. However, the Architectural Advisory Committee, made up of educators, board members and other city representatives, has recommended that the renovation include larger classrooms than planned in both the high school and the middle school. Three additional middle school classrooms and exterior building improvements including sound control, lighting and landscaping were also added to the renovation proposal.

A petition, signed by 60 of the 64 George Mason faculty members supported the committee's amended renovation proposal. The School Board has set no date to act on the proposed changes to the renovaton plan.