Space Competition

Cara Wright of St. James Catholic School in Falls Church, Robert Bocek of St. Johns Catholic School in McLean and Chris Spagna of Bishop Ireton High in Alexandria recently won first place in the first annual Next Millennium Space Competition.

Astronaut Charlie Walker, a past crew member of the space shuttles Discovery and Atlantis, presided over the awards ceremony, which included six other winners.

Wright's exhibit was titled "Earth Colony on the Moon" and consisted of a display of what a habitat on the moon might look like. She described in her entry how people might live and work there.

Bocek's lunar laboratory on the moon's surface detailed all the sciences performed in a laboratory. It portrayed living facilities and laboratories and the means of moving through the research station. Walker called the exhibit "a realistic display of the surface of the moon, including several rocks and craters."

"A Colony on Mars," which he viewed as a self-sustaining colony for up to 15,000 people, was Spagna's winning entry.

He depicted the colony as having an almost independent civilization with its own flag and government.

The competition, open to all schools and youth groups in Northern Virginia, was sponsored by Federal Savings Bank of Virginia.

'Wilderness Warrior'

The National Recreation and Park Association presented its 1990 National Voluntary Service Award to Joseph Flakne, of Fairfax County, for his role as "Wilderness Warrior" in the preservation of Northern Virginia's natural resources. The award ceremony also celebrated Flakne's 90th birthday, and the association thanked him for his work with park issues since his retirement in 1964.

Citizen Valor Award

Letter carrier George Patchan, who delivers mail in the Broyhill Park Triangle area, recently was presented with the Citizen Valor Award by the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department for helping an elderly man in need during one of his stops on July 31. Cemal Saritas was having difficulty breathing and struggling to reach the front door, according to neighbor Wellman Hill. Patchan quickly told Hill to call 911 while he stayed with the man until a medic unit arrived. Hill nominated Patchan for the award. Saritas is recovering from bypass surgery.

Alexandria Couple Gives Gift

Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Wilson Jr., of Alexandria, recently presented a gift of life insurance, valued at $600,000, to the College of William and Mary to provide annual support for the college's Cross-Disciplinary Scholarship program. At maturity, the policy will permanently endow the program. Fred Wilson, a member of William and Mary's class of 1955, is the former owner and president of Wilson Mortgage Co. Donna Wilson is an antiques dealer.

Nurses Get Scholarships

Nurses at four area hospitals recently were awarded continuing education scholarships by the Fairfax Hospital System.

C&P Career Mobility Scholarships were awarded to Catherine Hess, Kenneth Kittell and Nancy Vahedian of Fairfax Hospital; Gifty G. Kotey of Jefferson Hospital; and Annie Reduto of Fair Oaks Hospital.

Awards from the H.L. Harris Trust Fund were made to Nancy J. Ames, Dawn G. Anthony, Mary Jo Ward and Christine White of Mount Vernon Hospital; Margaret Hayes and Catherine Hess of Fairfax Hospital; and Francine Palm and Cynthia Pearsall of Fair Oaks Hospital.

The Mary Virginia Opstad Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Kimberley D. Washbourne of Fairfax Hospital. The Virginia Deputy Scholarship went to Kathy Cox, also of Fairfax Hospital.

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