The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association had income of $71.6 million in 1989, an increase of 2.7 percent over the previous year, according to its annual report.

But expenditures increased 20 percent to a total of $61.6 million. The excess of income over expenditures was $9.9 million, about half of what it was the previous year.

"Increased spending reflects the aggressive, stepped-up pace of response to open doors of ministry leading us into future ministry," said Allan C. Emery Jr., association president, and John R. Corts, vice president of operations and chief operating officer, in the association's annual report.

They noted that 7 percent of the association's expenditures was used for administration and 6.2 percent for fund-raising activities. Radio, television and films accounted for 37.5 percent of the expenditures. Other evangelistic ministries, Decision magazine and distribution of books and materials were other major expense items.

Of the income, 73.6 percent came from contributions and the rest from investments, estates and deferred giving, evangelistic films and literature ministry.

The Graham association and five affiliated organizations, such as World Wide Pictures and World Wide Publications, had combined income last year of $89.9 million and expenditures of $78.6 million, leaving an excess of $11.3 million.

Emery and Corts said priority is being being given to Mission World, which was begun in 1989. Mission World uses the evangelist's personal appearances and technology to extend the ministry into the churches and homes of whole continents: Africa in 1989, Asia in 1990, Latin America in 1991 and Europe in 1992.

Earlier this month the outreach in Asia beamed a broadcast from Hong Kong to 30 countries.

From Nov. 14 to 18, the evangelist addressed crowds of more than 30,000 people every night at the Hong Kong Stadium and an adjacent athletic ground. Meanwhile, the crusade was simultaneously broadcast in 48 languages to an audience estimated at 100 million people a night.

The result was Graham's largest single outreach in more than 40 years of international ministry. In Hong Kong itself, according to crusade officials, an average of more than 4,700 people came forward each night at the evangelist's invitation to make a commitment to Christ.

Crusade officials said that represented an increase in the number of Protestant Christians in Hong Kong of nearly 10 percent.

At the end of the crusade, Graham, 72, said, "In some ways, I feel that I am ready to go to heaven now. I have seen the greatest crusade of my life, which I never dreamed I would see at my age. We are thrilled, and we give all the glory to the Lord."

More than 890 churches participated in year-long preparations for the crusade, mobilizing 20,000 vounteers for pre-crusade evangelism, crusade counseling and follow-up, according to spokesmen for Graham.

Ten million pieces of follow-up literature were printed for distribution.